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Vibrational Essences
FAQs, Dosages and Care Instructions

Archangel and Ascended Master Essences Dosages What Changes Can I Expect?
Transformation & Karmic & Lightbody Essences & Personal Attunement Blends How Do I Take Them? How Long Do They Last?
How Many Can I Take at Once? Essence Transmissions Additional Help - Bach Flowers
How Do I Choose Between Them?    


Archangel and Ascended Master Essences

These can be taken whenever you wish to make a connection with these energies and can be taken alongside other essences, twenty minutes away from them. They are optimally taken before sleep, on waking or before any spiritually focused activity, such as meditation.

Transformation Essences, Lightbody Essences, Planetary Essences, Karmic Essences, Vortex and Sacred Site Essences and Personal Attunement Blends.

How many essences can I take at once?

Each of these is a powerful combination so we recommend that you take these blends one at a time and do not take any other essences other than Bach Flower Remedies alongside these. It's inadvisable to give these ranges to children without professional guidance. Your intention and willingness to change is important when working with any essence. The more you scatter your energies, the more you will dilute your outcomes. To keep your intention clear and focused, stay with one blend at a time so that you can easily make connections when changes occur.

Quite a few essences apply to me. I don't know which to start with. How do I choose?

Tips for choosing a blend that's already made up for a specific purpose (as opposed to a personal attunement):

  • Remember: You can't get it wrong. Anything that isn't needed in a blend passes harmlessly through, as it doesn't find a resonance.
  • If you're a visual person then looking at photos of the flowers, crystals, animals and birds in the blend can be very helpful. You will easily feel which ones you're most drawn to. To see photos just click on the links in the essence description.
  • If you use muscle-testing techniques or you like to dowse, then you can focus on the essence photos or descriptions whilst testing your response.
  • If you're choosing blends which relate to emotional states, choose one blend at a time, because by the time you finish the first one you will be vibrating differently, so the next one you'll need may be different from now. An exception to this would be if you are highly intuitive or if you're consciously working through a range, such as Lightbody or Planetary essences.
  • If you're more kinesthetic i.e you feel things primarily in your body, then focus on the states you are considering treating. Imagine being in the state that the essence will create. For example, imagine Moving Forward easily, feeling complete Confidence and Trust or being in Financial Flow. Whichever lifts your feelings most right now, choose that one.
  • If you are very in tune with your feelings choose a blend which works on the deepest, most intense emotional state you're experiencing, as other difficult feelings will nearly always be a consequence of that. For example, if you 'feel into' your lack of Flexibility and Tolerance you may find that it comes from a need to control which is actually driven by unconscious and probably Karmic, Fear. The advantage of changing your dominant patterns of emotional reactions is that your outside circumstances will then begin to change too. Always choose to change your inner state first - our lives change from the inside out.
  • Remember: When two or three blends suggest themselves you'll often find that that they are all connected, so whichever one you choose it will help with the other issues too. For example you may feel too guilty or unworthy to receive abundance. If you take Karmic Guilt then you may well find that your flow of support, money and love improves. If you take Karmic Lack of Abundance it will release the patterns and beliefs which are blocking you so the guilt will come up anyway, if that is one of your blocks to flow.
  • There is usually a core belief or pattern that is ready to shift when you're contemplating essences. It may show up in many ways; how you're feeling emotionally, your life situation, your soul challenges, your physical health, your repetitive thoughts, your relationships or the location of your energy blocks. Each blend creates a different point of access to the issue, so choose the access point that is easiest for you to identify; in the end all roads will lead to Rome, so don't agonise about it - any essence you feel drawn to will be 'right' for now!


The dosage of each essence blend is on the bottle. A 15 ml bottle taken 4 x per day usually lasts 3 weeks, taken 2 x per day 4-6 weeks, a 25 ml bottle should last 4-6 weeks and a 10 ml bottle 2-3 weeks, depending if you choose the maximum or minimum dosage. If you find the level going down very fast, make sure you are taking four drops and not four squirts.

How do I take them?

Drops are best taken under the tongue 20 minutes away from any food or drink (except water) and away from any other medication. They can be safely taken with other prescribed medication or remedies. They should be taken 20 minutes away from food, toothpaste, drink or other remedies but water is fine, though preferably non-chlorinated. If you find it easier, you can also take the essences by sipping them in water. When you come to the end of a blend you can tip the last drops out straight from the bottle. Try not to let the pipette touch your mouth or tongue. Don't leave them for prolonged periods in direct sunlight, heat or next to computers, microwave ovens, mobile phones or digital phone bases. If you choose a blend which works on inner processes, such as improving concentration, spiritual connection or inner guidance these are optimally taken before sleep, on waking or before any spiritually focused activity, such as meditation.

'The clarity essence was absolutely brilliant!' Sue, Wabi Sabi, Life Awaiting Discovery

Ordering Essences as Transmissions

Before I even post your essences, they have already been sent at an energetic level and downloaded into your energy field. My inbox is full of emails from clients who have felt the effects well before receiving the bottle. So I also offer you the second option of receiving your essences as energy downloads rather than in physical bottles. One way is not better than the other and it can be nice to have the concrete feel of a bottle, especially on busy or emotionally fraught days when tuning in to subtle changes in your energy field is difficult. The upside of transmissions is that they are more environmentally friendly. It's also handy if you need to avoid alcohol.The effect of a transmission is generally felt for about a month. You will be emailed when your essence blend has been transmitted. As essence transmissions requires time and focus on you individually, so you may receive a bottle faster than a transmission.

What changes can I expect?

Since the essences work at an unconscious level, (except Bach Flowers) we are necessarily unconscious of many aspects of them needing balance within us – these can become more apparent once you have been taking them for a while.  For example you may feel much more relaxed, more confident, find it easier to meditate, to dream vividly or make decisions. 

You may notice memories coming up or physical reactions; just acknowledge them as ways of releasing patterns which no longer serve you.  The quickest way to release emotions is to feel them!  So if you can, find a safe space to vent your feelings – shouting on the sports pitch or in a car with the windows closed is good! It can help to write the changes down; to make notes of your feelings, dreams, physical symptoms and changes in thought or behaviour patterns as they can change so much over even a short period. 

Remember: Essences often bring up for release the patterns that stop us experiencing what we want in our life. When we release that which doesn’t serve us, we make room for what does.

'I am so glad I bought the releasing fear and taking courage remedy mix from you. It brought up a lot to process but I am now embracing life again, which I was not before I got the remedy - in fact I was frozen with anxieties. Thank you for your amazing input into a journey I have been wanting to make for some time.' Denise, Student Nutritionist, Helensburgh, Scotland

How Long Do They Last

If stored as suggested above, all blends should last at least a year.

Additional Help - Bach Flower Remedies

The deep acting remedies you've ordered will encourage release of buried feelings from the subconscious.  Bach Flowers work more with the conscious mind so they can be very helpful in easing any shifts or changes you begin to experience and can be taken alongside the essence(s) you have ordered. It's a good idea to wait a week or so after starting your essence(s) to see what changes you experience before choosing a Bach blend to complement the changes and support you. You can choose a personal Bach Flower blend. If taking these alongside deeper acting essences please allow 20 minutes between taking the Bach Flower Remedies and taking other essences.

If you wish to self-prescribe Bach Flowers I recommend Crystal Herbs and Healing Herbs who both make excellent Bach Flower ranges.

I hope you enjoy using your essences!

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