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A Leap of Faith and a Change of Career

Change has always been part of my life. With a father in the RAF I remember making dens out of old parachutes when I was a child but I never realised that the 'jumping out of a plane' scenario would become a metaphor for my life.

After teaching English across Europe I returned to the UK in '94 to market language training programmes for Blue Chip companies. During four years of tramping the square mile in my power suit I went on a business trip to Italy and, as I slipped under a train in Milan central station (a combination of power heels and a divertingly attractive stationmaster), I got my wake up call. In case I didn't hear it, as I limped on to my business meeting I was robbed, the straps on my remaining briefcase broke and when I boarded the plane home, thinking nothing worse could happen, someone opened the overhead locker and a heavy object crashed onto my head!

As Rafi Gabor says: 'God speaks as softly as he can and as loudly as he has to'. God must have required a packet of throat lozenges by the time I tottered through customs to be met unexpectedly by my mother with some devastating family news.

This traumatic turning point led me to discover therapy and self-development and to start reading 'change your life' books. After an 'alternative' holiday in Crete (well we did yoga and some chanting - my comfort zone at the time didn't encompass anything involving baggy trousers, no make up and minimal sanitation), I then wrote a vision of what I really wanted and acted on it. Within 24 hours I was offered a job working on a holistic magazine. Rule 1 for change: Clarify your vision. Rule 2: act on your vision as if it's absolutely possible and true.

Learning to Follow My Intuition

Once I got the hang of visioning and listening to the inner voice rather than the outer ones, life began to flow. That still small voice whispered it was time to move to Sussex and I didn't hesitate. I did a stint at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition whilst changing flats and moved to Hove. The next step was job at the Hoffman Institute and doing their course 'The Hoffman Process' which took my personal growth to a new level. I then made several trips to the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. After doing their Life Purpose programme I walked back into my office job and knew that the shoe no longer fitted.

I had a bad case of WUS or Waiting Until Syndrome. Waiting until..... I was enlightened enough to be a healer, knew enough to be able to inspire others, had saved enough money to make choices, had a partner who believed in me and a cast-iron business plan. I didn't wait for a train this time, I resigned and left the station and my job.

My inner voice led me back to Findhorn to train in facilitating the Transformation Game a powerful tool for personal growth which became my vehicle for inspiring and supporting change. Once I had developed a good base of clients I was offered a place on a Vibrational Medicine course with the College of Vibrational Medicine an organisation I had long admired for their integrity. I signed up with no idea how I was going to pay for it but knowing it was the next step. A few days later they told me that they had been guided to offer me a scholarship.

I have since also qualified as a Gaia energy healer and my consulting and healing work is blossoming. This April I was invited to speak at Brighton Alternatives and the still small voice became much bigger and brighter as it shared its understanding of change and its need to inspire. I have been self employed for two years. I have learnt much about myself. I've exchanged wisdom with amazing fellow travellers and have discovered very touching depths in my friendships. I am living my life instead of thinking about living it. The path of service serves me as much as those around me.

In the words of Guillaume Apollinaire: 'Come to the edge, he said. They said: we are afraid. Come to the edge, he said. They came. He pushed them. And they flew' and guess what? They didn't need parachutes!

First Published in Wave Magazine, August 2004

A Leap of Faith - Sequel

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