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Align Your Will & Your Intuition In Praise of Trees Release Blocks to Change
Are You A Secret Healer? Karmic Mechanics Release Co-Dependency
Choosing to Be Here Make Soul Time Rescuing the Rescuer
Ease and Flow My Leap of Faith The Secret Language of Plants
Find Your Voice - Love Your Thyroid Pilates for the Soul The Nature of Money
Fool's Gold - Heart or Ego? Protect Yourself from Wifi The Enneagram: Essences For Your Soul Type
Graceful Release - Let Go With Love Relax - Don't Do it!  
Healing Mother Bonds Release Addiction Magazine Articles

Align your Will with your Intuition
Releasing fear and control

Are you a Secret Healer?
The eight signs and tell-tale features

Making Soul Time
Remember your greatest asset
and your greatest stress reliever

Learn the Secret Language of Plants and Crystals

Graceful Release
The Gift in Letting Go With Love

The Nature of Money
Appreciate it and find your flow

In Praise of Trees
The mother and father of healing

Pilates for the Soul
Tone your intuitive muscles and decide from the inside out


Healing Mother Bonds
Restoring mother love

Treating your Soul Type with Flower and Crystal Essences
Discover your soul path with this ancient Sufi method - The Enneagram

Release Blocks to Change
Flowing into your Life


Rescuing the Rescuer
Dealing with burnout

Find your Voice
Love your thyroid

Lessons of Fool's Gold - Heart or Ego
The Truth about the Law of Attraction

Ease and Flow
Three signs to lighten up

Choosing to be Here
The joy of acceptance

Karmic Mechanics
Check the wiring of your ancestral line

Release Addiction, Allow Connection
The journey home


Relax - Don't Do it!

The secret of relaxation

My Leap of Faith
Nikki's Story

Protect Yourself From Wifi

Why it's important

Release Co-Dependency,
Create sustainable relationships


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