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Transformation Game Products developed by Innerlinks

'Magical and transforming work. I so enjoyed it and your facilitation was very good indeed - I still refer to my notes.' Michelle

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Intuituve Solution Cards Blessing Cards Transformation Game Solo Game

explorationangel Many of you love the original angel cards from the Transformation Game. Now there's a Special Expanded Edition to mark the 25th Anniversary. 20 new angels have flown in to join the originals, including Kindness, Discernment, Wisdom and Presence, which brings them up to 72 - all with those gorgeous drawings. The new Angel of Exploration is saying hello. You can order the angel cards and book separately or as a set.

The Expanded Angel Cards

The cards help you focus on a specific quality. The more you focus on it, the more you'll find it in your life. You can use them as a focus for meditation, choose an angel to overlight a particular new project or ask for one to support you at a difficult time or to shed light on a specific issue.

They're particularly good to use with children, as the simple pictures with no long text make them easy to understand and very appealing. Many people have them in a bowl in the hallway to welcome guests or to give them an angelic companion as they leave.

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The Angel Book

The accompanying book to the angel cards provides inspirational messages for each card and guidance for visualisations and meditations with the cards to support you in overcoming obstacles and in gaining more awareness. Some messages can give you a new perspective on a particular quality that can be very illuminating.

For example when people draw the Angel of Obedience they may feel it's about following external rules whereas, if you consult the Angel Book, the message from the Angel of Obedience is: ‘What part of you is in charge? Be mindful of your inner knowing. Follow your deepest impulse with discipline and decisiveness’. So are you obeying your higher self?

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25th Anniversary Expanded Angel Card and Book Set

This set includes:

  • 20 New Cards
  • 20 Bonus Stickers of the new qualities
  • Pocket Size Carrying Case
  • Sturdy, Flip-Top Box for selecting and storing cards
  • 20 New Qualities
  • 20 New Inspirational Messages
  • World Work Meditation
  • Additional Journals

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Intuitive Solution Cards

Intuitive SolutionsThis set of three card decks is perfect to give you quick feedback on a particular question when you don't have time to play the game. It shows you the potential obstacle that you need to overcome, the gift you have which you can use to your advantage and the quality or angel which you need to call in or embody to assist you. It includes:
  • 100 Insight cards
  • 100 Setback cards
  • 72 angel cards
  • An instruction booklet

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Blessing Cards

The Transformation Game contains blessings and these are also available as a separate box of 210 blessing tokens such as Prosperity, Beauty or Integrity. You can use them to bless yourself every day or draw them before any ritual you do or in a group setting. You can lay them on each person's place before a meal or on the pillow for guests.

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The Transformation Game

The full monty! The board, dice, various card decks, including a set of angel cards (they are a larger size than those sold separately) an instruction book and all the other paraphernalia required to play. Every game is different and enlightening.

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Would you like to play the Transformation Game on your own? Try the Solo Version

If you already have the Transformation Game and would like to play it on your own, there is an add-on called the Solo and Earth-Solo Game. You need elements from the standard Game for it to work. A Solo Game is like a focussed meditation with feedback and guidance on whatever issue you choose as your focus. This has not been available for some time. Amazon will display current stock level availability.

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Email: info@spiritoftransformation.com

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'I always knew that one day i would take this road but yesterday I did not know today would be the day'. Nagarjuna.

Photos by Charlotte MacPherson

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