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Connecting to the Light
Awakening to our Authentic Selves

This section of the website is dedicated to connection. There are opportunities to connect to the light within ourselves and within each other. You'll find activities, technologies and channelled information, all aimed at raising your vibration and bringing in more light. If you ever feel it's selfish to be 'navel gazing' when you want to understand your inner world better in order to live with greater awareness, it's helpful to remember that we're all connected; that what you do for yourself, you do for all of us. Moments of great personal transformation can be lonely, yet at a soul level support is at its strongest then, if we only connect with it.

In so many ways we're like flowers, below us we need the nourishment of the Earth to keep us rooted and stable and above us the light of the sun to help us to open up and shine that radiance further into the world to connect with others. Water brings us the nutrients and celullar information that we need; it's the medium all our physical and mental bodies need to be able to function. Like flowers we die much more quickly without water than without food. The air around us keeps us energised, cleansed and uplifted and with every breath we affirm our desire to be here. Flowers should really be pronounced flow-ers, as their essence shows us how to flow through life.

Increase Your Light

As the planet continues the cleansing that has been predicted we need to bring in as much light as possible to our individual consciousness. That means light-filled water, food and activity. Our daily life, thoughts and relationships need to be authentc, because when we're aligned with who we truly are we bring in more light and radiate that to others.

Diana Cooper recommends the four crystals below to help us prepare for the higher energies now coming in, so I've put them in a blend for anyone aware of the need to regularly align with new frequencies which bring fresh awarenessa and open us to ancient wisdom.. You can put it in your mouth, on your pulse points, in your non-chlorinated bathwater or sip it in non-chlorinated water. This blend is particularly helpful taken before meditation, before sleeping or on waking, before giving or receiving healing or any other spiritually focused activity. The crystal pictured here is Kyanite. Click on any of the crystal links below for a photo and more detailed description.

Ascension Blend - Align With Higher Wisdom

  • Calcite to open your Stellar Gateway chakra. Helps us remember ancient wisdom.
  • Selenite to work with your Soul Star. Anchors your lightbody into your physical body.
  • Kyanite to re-align your mind and brain for the higher energy. Supports ascension.
  • Hematite to bring the divine energies into your body. Supports meditation.

The 15 ml bottle lasts 3-4 weeks, as does an essence transmission. Click for dosage and care instructions

Essence Transmissions: An essence transmission will be sent to the person ordering unless otherwise indicated. You'll be emailed when it has been processed. If the transmission is required for someone other than the name on the paypal or card, please enter the recipient's name in the 'instructions to seller' box when ordering, or by separate email. If ordering an essence transmission for someone else it's important to have their consent. We only accept what we're willing to receive. N. B. The same person cannot be sent more than one essence transmission at a time. These blends are powerful and are best taken with one focussed intention at a time.

Choose Postage Area
1 x 15 ml Essence Bottle
9.95/approx 12 Euros/13 USD + p&p
1 x Essence Transmission (NO bottle or p&p)
20 GDP/approx 23 Euros/ 25 USD

A Light Diet - Drink Yourself Lighter

We can also do much to increase our ability to retain and radiate light by modifying our diet, water, thoughts and emotional environment:

'As soon as our body becomes dehydrated, the condition of every cell membrane is changed. I refer to the cell membrane as the 'doorman' for it governs all movement in and out of the cell. Changes in the level of hydration within the body mean changes in the communication between cells. If you imagine the full spectrum of light moving through a distorted gross cell membrane, the light would be refracted and come out the other side of the cell with part of its spectrum missing. This diminished message would then be passed on from cell to cell. When we become dehydrated, the cell membrane also loses its ability to hold and store photons and our worldview is literally darkened.' Cellular Awakening, How Your Body Holds and Creates Light, Barbara Wren Read More

Helpful Reading

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Increasing Our Ability to Anchor Light

Allowing in more light means that you have to be well earthed or you could end up with migraines, sinusitis, shoulder, neck and lower back pain, constipation and lethargy - all symptoms of magnetic field deficiency. Our modern lifestyles can disconnect us from the Earth's stabilising magnetic field. This is deficient in environments with a lot of metal such as cars, planes and modern buildings, as well as atmospheres with a lot of electrosmog.

In order to increase your exposure to healthy magnetic field take regular breaks in nature, particularly woodland. You can also put magnetic insoles in your shoes and sleep on a magnetic mattress pad. Well-researched high quality options are made by Nikken. We're magnetic beings so all magnetic fields affect us. It's important therefore to use high quality products to avoid harmful long-term effects. Go here to order.

Laugh More Often - Tread Lightly on the Earth

Have you noticed how often spiritual leaders such as the Dalai Lama and Buddha are pictured laughing? When we say 'make light of it' that's quite a literal comment. Worry and seriousness keeps a situation stuck. We're often focusing on the 'gravity' of the situation - what's keeping it heavy - when being able to laugh about it will put it back in its rightful perspective, allowing it to lighten, flow and change. By laughing at the darkness we bring in the light. Laughter makes our body vibrate in a wonderfully healing way and statistically a smile increases our attractiveness by up to 8 times as much, so we really are working with the Law of Attraction when we're happy! If you haven't already signed up to the Spirit of Transformation newsletter, you'll always find something in it to make you smile. If you feel life is rather heavy at the moment, try the Lighten Up essence blend in the Transformation Essence range.

Here's a link to remind you of the importance of laughing in everyday situations - just the soundtrack sets me off!

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'Studies show that eccentric people are happier, healthier and live longer than the average because they don't stress about conforming.' Doreen Virtue

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'You are drawn to what you need to understand, not what you need to judge'
Helen Barton, Channeling John the Beloved