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Channeled Personal Essence Guidance

Sometimes it can be difficult to know which essence blend to choose. You may see several that speak to you. For example you may want to release karmic guilt that has been passed down through generations but you may also be aware of a layer of grief that's trying to surface. If cashflow is an issue do you start with Business Success, Karmic Lack of Abundance or Financial Flow? Even if you normally give intuitive guidance to others, it can be hard to know which issue is the most important to address when you're caught up in the emotion yourself.

For many years Ascended Master Kuthumi has guided my essence endeavours; when you use this service you're giving me permission to tune into his love and wisdom to ask which pre-prepared essence blend from the website holds the key for you right now.

Ways to Use the Essence Guidance Packages

  • You can order guidance which includes the essence in the form you prefer - as a bottle or a transmission. It's an easy way to see what's blocking you or what emotional, mental or spiritual adjustment needs to be made - then the essence will deliver the right vibrational frequency to allow you to make that shift.
  • For a quantum leap forward you can choose a package which includes two or three guidance sessions and request them at regular intervals, such as monthly over three months.
  • A package makes an original, unique and very personal gift - just ensure the intended recipient has given permission for me to tune in for them. The essence that comes through will still be a surprise - for both of us!:)
  • Benefit from the multiple discount by ordering guidance for yourself and friends or family at the same time. Just ensure that you have permission and that you send through their details - as outlined on the final confirmation page which comes up when you finish your order.

Order Your Personal Essence Guidance with a Transmission or a Bottle

Personal Guidance + Essence Transmission Personal Guidance + 15ml Essence Bottle
Cost: Guidance 16 GBP + Transmission 22 GBP.
Total =38 GBP, approx 43 Euros or 46 USD
x 2 =10% discount, x 3=15% discount
Cost: 1 x Guidance 16 GBP + Essence 11.50 GBP. Total =27.50 GBP+ p&p,
approx 31 Euros or 33 USD
Essence Guidance + Transmission
1 x Guidance + Bottle with UK Postage
What is a Transmission? 1 x Guidance + Bottle with Europe Zones 1 & 2 Postage
  1 x Guidance + Bottle with Europe Zone 3 Postage incl Switzerland, Norway, Turkey & Gibraltar
  1 x Guidance + Bottle with USA Postage
  1 x Guidance + Bottle with Canada & South Africa Postage
  1 x Guidance + Bottle with Australia, New Zealand & Singapore Postage

N.B. All multiple orders need to be completed within 6 months of purchase

'Thank you so much for your help. When I looked up the recommended essence combination on your website, I felt tears welling in my eyes, as I started to read. The flower essence descriptions made sense though I had a particular reaction - tears again, to the Welsh poppy. I have read much in the last few years on flower essences, homeopathy, nutrition and other such aids to healing - I feel I should have been able to choose by myself - but I felt such relief and comfort letting you do so'. Harriet, Full Time Mum, Wales

How does guidance work? Which is better - a bottle or a transmission?
How do multiple sessions work? How is guidance different from an attunement?
What information do you need? Can I ask for guidance for someone else?
How soon will I get my guidance?

How does it work?

I tune into your energy, asking Ascended Master Kuthumi which pre-prepared essence blend available on the website is most appropriate for you now and email you the response with links to the essence indicated.

How do discounted multiple sessions work?

You can order multiple guidance sessions for yourself to be used within a six month period, or for yourself and others at the same time. This gives you a 10% discount. See guidance for others.

What information do you need so that you can tune in for me?

The information required is simply the name and permission of the person wanting guidance and their geographical location. So if the guidance is for you and you're paying online, no further information is necessary, unless you need the guidance sent to a different email address.

It's not necessary to send details of your current situation - guidance is not done mentally so detailed information is not required - the answers come from a place where all is known.

How soon will I get my guidance?

Orders for this service will be processed within five working days of receipt. You'll only be contacted if there is a delay.

How does essence guidance differ from a personal attunement?

  • Guidance is restricted to a pre-prepared blend from the four Spirit of Transformation essence ranges on this site.
  • You can read the descriptions of the essences which come through for you on the website which will indicate what soul theme you need to address right now
A personal attunement includes:
  • Essences from anywhere in the world so it's not restricted to essences on this website. Sometimes essences come through for you that I've never heard of!
  • An essence blend that's transmitted or made up by hand and potentised under the pyramid for you personally.
  • A personal affirmation to bring you into alignment with your next step.
  • An analysis of your chakras and energy flow.
  • A power animal to support you with specific issues.
  • An angelic being whom you can call upon to assist you.
  • A written summary of the attunement themes with practical suggestions how you can best support your growth.

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Which is better - a bottle or a transmission?

Some blends can be taken as an energy transmission rather than a bottle. That is your personal preference and how you choose to receive them is up to you. You can read more about the difference here.

'I've used two different essence blends so far and they have allowed me to move through some very deep patterns with so much ease and grace. Very excited for the next one!' Melissa, Student, New Zealand

Can I ask for essence guidance for someone else?

Yes, provided that you have their permission and can supply their email address, as the guidance will be sent directly to them. You can ask for children - simply mention their name and age. There is an email link on the 'thank you' page which appears when you finish ordering. Just use that to email details of the person you want the guidance for or insert their name(s) and location in the 'instructions to seller' box when ordering.

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What if I want this service and other services or products too?

You're welcome to order other products or services at the same time by adding more to your shopping cart as you browse the site, Use the View Cart button in the left hand menu to check or amend what's in your cart.

'The 'getting unstuck' essence blend was great for me. After years of indecision and confusion, I have finally managed to put up some of my creative work for sale in a website. I'm convinced it was the essences that did it because it was whilst taking them that this finally seemed to come about and it didn't seem too stressful, just felt like the right thing to do. It's still a work in progress but it's a great achievement for me!' Lesley Ann, Richmond

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'It's not that what we expect is the reality that everyone lives, but that everyone lives the reality of what they expect.' Abraham-Hicks.

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