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Vibrational Essence Ranges

These pre-blended essence combinations work at a deep cellular and karmic level to rebalance all aspects of your being: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Nature is constantly interacting with the wider galaxy, so essences which transmit vibrations from our ever-changing and evolving natural world are the quickest way to update and expand your consciousness.

If you're unsure which is most appropriate essence for you now, you can:

Essence Transmissions

The Spirit of Transformation ranges are available as essence transmissions as well as physical bottles. Golden Ray and Crystal Herb essences are only available in bottles.

These blends are powerful and, although you're welcome to order more than one to take advantage of volume discounts, they're best taken one at a time. Click for frequently asked questions and care instructions

Essence Ranges

Transformation Essences - Support with Specific Issues

These are blends of flower and crystal essences which support common issues appearing as we follow a path of spiritual growth.

'I feel brilliant on your stability and protection blend. I feel the best I have done in 2 years! ' Minna Oldfield, Health Kinesiologist, Warrington, Cheshire

'I'm so glad I bought the releasing fear and taking courage remedy mix from you. It brought up a lot to process but I'm now embracing life again, which I was not before I got the remedy - in fact I was frozen with anxieties. Thank you for your amazing input into a journey I have been wanting to make for some time.' Denise, Nutrition Student, Helensburgh, Scotland

Full list and ordering

Chakra Essences - Opening and Clearing Energy Centres

Flower and crystal essences affect all chakras and all levels of our being: emotional, spiritual, mental and physical to release blocks and create an easier flow of energy. That's why flowers are called flow-ers - we just pronounce it wrongly! Some essences focus more on one area than another and each chakra has its own emphasis. For example the Base or Root chakra is where we carry our survival fears such as a fear of lack of money, death and abandonment whereas the Solar Plexus is where we experience issues regarding our own boundaries, identity and self-worth. This chakra essence range is here to help when you have a strong sense where your energy is blocked and would like to focus on that particular area.

Full list and ordering

Karmic Essences - Supporting the Release of Ancestral and Past Life Karma

These essence blends are designed to help with the most common patterns that hold us back when they seem particularly difficult to change or especially hard reactions to understand. Such responses may come from an involuntary part of ourselves which appears irrational and not always be acting in our best interest. This can be because we're carrying a belief or a role from our family or ancestral line and such patterns can be 'hard-wired' into our cellular memory. It may also be that we are reacting to a situation from a past life memory or recreating that dynamic in order to heal it. If you feel this is the case for you, then you'll appreciate one of these blends which will go deep into the cellular memory of ancestral and past life karma.

Full list and ordering

Planetary Essences - Supporting Each Planet's Soul Journey

These planetary essences are created to support the soul journey of each planet based on Dr Bach's Twelve Healers. These were the first twelve flowers that he found, each one corresponding to a particular planetary energy. If you've subscribed to the Spirit of Transformation newsletter you will have had your soul flower reading based on the Bach Flower for your birth sign. These planetary blends do not contain Bach flowers, they work at a deeper karmic level than those; deeper than most of us were able to work when Dr Bach created his system in the 1930's. Have fun and grow as you work with the each planet's challenges and gifts!

Full list and ordering

Personal Essence Blend

Individual remedies can be mixed into a blend for you. If you'd like a personal remedy blend, Nikki can attune one for you. This is an intuitive reading where she asks for Higher Guidance as to which remedies are most appropriate for your growth and healing right now - you receive a full description of the results which can be sent as an energy transmission or in a bottle.

This means that you receive the exact frequency that you need right now. There are no restrictions on essences or ranges, they can be a mixture of flowers, crystals, birds, butterflies, animals or gems - the whole of the natural world is there for your healing and balance.

Full details and ordering

lightbody Lightbody Essences - Clear and Activate Your Light Body
Created by Golden Ray

These channelled essences are some of the most powerful I have used and it is best not take more than one dose of one essence per day. They both clear and activate your light body.

They are very high frequency and and were potentised using methods once common in Lemuria and Atlantis, including stargates, leylines, and grid layouts of special crystals which were programmed with light body information by the Sirians 16,000 years ago at the fall of Atlantis. Energy rays were then chanelled from Ascended Masters for each of the different essences to complete the process.

N.B. I have found that people who work regularly with energy such as healers, therapists, mediums and artists are particularly responsive to this range.

Full list and ordering

Archangel & Ascended Master Essences
Created By Crystal Herbs

Archangels are enormous light beings who are responsible for the stepping down of the energy of creation from Source into form. They are dedicated to helping humanity to move into the light and are always available to help us when requested to do so.

Ascended Masters are highly evolved beings, many of whom have incarnated on Earth over the ages bringing knowledge, wisdom and light to show us the way forward. Like older brothers and sisters, they work ceaselessly with love and devotion to help us all evolve and grow. Due to the law of free will, we always have to request their help if we need it. This range of essences help you to connect more strongly with your chosen Being of Light to receive guidance and help for your own journey.

N.B. An effective way to work is to take an Archangel or Ascended Master Essence over a period of time, whilst asking that energy to be with you. This can help familiarise you with the nature of that healing energy, its strengths and its karmic lessons.

Full list and ordering

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