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Creating Crystal and Flower Essences
According to Ancient Wisdom and Sacred Geometry

Spirit of Transformation essences have evolved in line with my own growth and over the many years since I first trained in vibrational medicine my understanding and connection to the Devic world, which gives us these essences, has deepened to the point where I can connect with it almost instantly.

Many practitioners create essences using either the sun or boiling method laid down by Dr Edward Bach who discovered the wonderful Bach flower remedies in the 1930s. Both methods tap into water's ability to absorb and transfer information. This has long been known and used by homeopaths too, as well as by Shamans in many indigneous cultures. Indeed, it's not very different from our blood's role in transporting information around our brain and body - after all our blood consists mainly of water. This function is mirrored by the role water has in transporting information around the body of Mother Earth in the veins and arteries of her rivers and streams.

Developing a Powerful Essence Creation Method

After a few years of practising I realised that I was being guided to a different way of creating essences. Instead of impregnating the water using the actual flower or crystal itself, I found that an image used with intention was actually just as effective, in much the same way that Masaru Emoto had begun using words and music to transmit messages in water. I was also increasingly guided to create particular crystal and flower spreads around my blends, which are all made in a sacred area. This area has developed an energetic portal around it for easy access for the light beings that assist me and has often been noticed by sensitives such as vortex energy healers who visit. In fact I have several such portals in my home wherever I regularly carry out spiritual practices such as meditation.

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Sacred Geometry and Synchronicity

As I was experimenting with this new way of creating essences I was also guided to contact Gordon a.k.a. Zacharius Melchezidek who made the original copper pyramid that I'd used on my training course to potentise essences. Gordon has a deep understanding of sacred geometry, which has been used to expand consciousness and raise vibration since ancient times. Pyramids, for example, emit high frequency vibrational healing patterns in a similar way to radio transmitters. Since our brain and nervous system communicate using electrical impulses we can be physically and mentally affected by the emissions of sacred geometrical designs.

Synchronistically Gordon had just been told by his guides that it was time for some of the seven master pyramids he had charged up inside the Great Pyramid at Giza to go out into the wider world and when I got in touch they confirmed that I would be one of the recipients. He duly tuned it to me and to my soul work in this incarnation which also involved inserting a rose quartz capstone in the apex of the pyramid. The pyramid hugely amplifies the energies of the essences, as well as supporting me in transmitting them to those of you who prefer to receive them that way, rather than in bottles.

The Music of the Elements

As I worked with the new pyramid I was rather enchanted to find that when I put bottles to charge underneath it I could hear the singing of fairies or crystal elementals, depending on what I was making. Unfortunately rather than being celestial harmonies I hear the singing as quite discordant noise but they tell me that it's the difference in frequency. If I could hear them at the Devic level they are apparently wonderful. In the meantime I try to make crystal essences, which seem to be particularly screechy, overnight!

Upgrade News

By the spring of 2017 I was aware of a need to add something to the potentising energy of the essences, so as we moved towards the summer solstice I contacted Gordon again and tuned in with him. I now have a new pyramid which I'm working with in several ways, both to upgrade my own energy and to make the energy of the essences even more powerful. The effect of this is to speed up the pace of change that the essences create. They will be aligned with the new template that reflects the future of the planet, whether you call that Unity Consciousness, Christ Consciousness or the fifth dimension. When I work with this I feel it mainly in the heart chakra.

As you take the essence blends or download them as transmissions, they will encourage patterns that no longer resonate with the new dimension to leave. This will require your participation and intention to evolve, so that you act appropriately on new awareness and take time to listen and notice what is being shown to you. Tools that can ease any bumps along the road include the Bach flower remedies which you can take alongside the deeper acting blends. You can either choose your own blend or have a consultation to clarify what would be best.

Spiritual and Emotional First Aid

The four Spirit of Transformation essence ranges have been created entirely through guidance. They arrived in the order that I needed them myself, so each blend represents a personal journey. As we are all one, you'll find different ones resonate for you at different times and of course the same lessons come round in different guises over and over again, so they become an emotional first aid box for life lessons. Each bottle is blessed before making its way to you with the intention that it will create the most powerful rebalancing that you're open to at this time.

The four Spirit of Transformation ranges are:

I hope that you enjoy using then as part of your journey to becoming more of who you really are.

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