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Choosing Your Bach Flower Blend

Please choose up to eight remedies from the list of the 38 Bach remedies below. These will be personally blended and posted to you.

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Agrimony - Inner Conflict to Inner Peace This remedy is for when you're putting on a brave and cheerful face when inwardly in turmoil. Bottling things up, worrying, sometimes exploding in anger, unable to express your feelings when necessary, liking to keep the peace, at much cost to yourself. You may be restless at night, or suffer throat problems. You need harmony and will not speak up as it might rock the boat. You tend to avoid your real needs, particularly emotional ones, by watching TV, drinking, smoking or anything that distracts you. You frequently feel restless and need distraction from your internal worry. Everything is always 'fine' no matter how concerned you really feel inside, you don't like to burden others with your worries. Your feelings are often expressed as physical complaints, since this is frequently their only outlet. Taking Agrimony allows you to confront situations honestly and openly so that you can grow and mature. You're able to feel genuine optimism and inner peace. You can acknowledge and express your feelings with ease.


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Aspen - Feeling Anxious to Feeling Safe This is for anxiety and a nameless dread. You may have unknown vague fears and apprehension, perhaps you're unable to express fears of strange places, spirits or psychic phenomena or you pick up on difficult 'atmospheres'.When people talk of psychic matters you may get goosebumps. You may feel worried about upcoming events. You may feel shaky or have a fluttering sensation in your solar plexus or have attacks of acute anxiety. This essence is very useful if you're afraid of the dark or have agoraphobia. Perhaps you have nightmares and occasional premonitions. Aspen brings relief and confidence. Taking Aspen allows you to move forward with confidence and without fear. You're able to use your sensitivity to gain deeper understanding of the metaphysical world and stop living in constant anxiety.

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Beech - Judging Self and Others to Tolerance & Self Compassion For when you feel critical or judgemental of the actions and reactions of others. YOu tend to be unusually irritated by people's little habits and mannerisms. This intolerance and fixed outlook, often results in rigidity of the body. YOu probably set yourself and others high standards and have a strong internal critic for whom nothing you do or say is ever good enough. You often feel isolated from others. Taking Beech allows you to see the gift of learning in any less-than-perfect situation. It allows you to respect the strengths and weaknesses of personalities different to your own. This essence brings great tolerance and an ability to view life with a wider perspective. You're able to accept and give constructive criticism. You become more accepting of yourself, just as you are.

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Centaury - From Over-Giving to Self-Assertion Take Centaury when you find it hard to say no to others' requests. You may find it challenging to put down boundaries and maintain them without feeling guilty. Because you can't say no, you may take on too much and tire yourself out. You have a distorted view of service. You give to the point of exhaustion and can be unrealistic about your time and resources so you often have no time left to look after yourself. You anticipate others' needs and leap to meet them, even to the point of denying your own. Your difficulty in asserting yourself may sometimes result in a weakness in the body. When you need Centaury you're often too influenced by stronger personalities. Taking Centaury makes you aware of your own needs and helps you to say 'no', without guilt, when you need to. You're able to be in groups whilst staying true to your own goals and values.

Cerato - Lack of Confidence to Trust in Yourself This essence helps when you lack faith in your own judgement so you seek the opinions of others when decisions are necessary. You're unable to listen to your 'inner voice' or intuition. When you're in this state you may ask lots of questions and obtain as much information as you can but feel unable to act on it. You can be easily swayed by those who seem certain of themselves. You tend to cover all bases to avoid mistakes. When you take Cerato it removes the blockage between the higher self and the mind, enabling you to be guided correctly so you're able to quickly form your own opinion and to trust your inner guidance on any matter. You can stand by your decisions and you're keen to learn.

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Cherry Plum - Pent Up Tension to Serenity You need Cherry Plum when you feel at breaking point and have a great fear of losing control. You often clench your teeth or grind them at night. You're snappy, on edge, wanting to scream or be violent, either to yourself or others. You suppress your feelings because you're afraid of them. You say things completely out of character, but are unable to stop yourself. Irrational behaviour is common. This is a great remedy for PMT and is helpful just before making important life decisions, when many strong and conflicting emotions try to surface. This picture's characterised in the acute negative state by wide, staring eyes. You may also notice a tight jaw, tense neck and headaches. You may have symptoms of congestion such as a runny nose or constipation. Taking Cherry Plum allows you to deal with your feelings and express them in a calm and appropriate way. It lends you courage and deep spiritual strength in difficult situations. You're able to investigate your feelings and integrate the insights you find to help you move forward. Cherry Plum brings calmness, control and peace.

Chestnut Bud - Stuck in Patterns to Learning & Growth You need Chestnut Bud when you feel you've been here before. The characters may have different names but the scenario and relationship dynamics are the same. You're frequently not present, always two steps ahead in your mind and not interested in the current situation. You're keen to move to the next thing rather than take time to digest and evaluate your experiences. You can seem careless or naive to others. You may tend to 'push buttons' rather than stop to consult the manual. You need this when you make the same mistakes or repeat unhelpful behaviour patterns over and over again. It's excellent for anyone falling into the same trap, time after time or for students who are slow learners. Taking Chestnut Bud allows you to give yourself the time and peace to learn. You're able to observe your behaviour patterns and reactions in daily life and learn from them. You can comprehend complex situations more quickly and spot possible flaws at an early stage. Migraine and acne can indicate a need for this remedy.

Chicory - Over-Attachment to Unconditional Giving Chicory is for when you're possessive of those you love, wanting them near, to cling onto and to love. The "needy mother" is a typical Chicory profile. It treats patterns which often shows themselves as hoarding possessions or as liking sympathy when ill. You need Chicory when you evoke illness to attract attention. You will love to be surrounded by those you care for and may tend to fuss over them. You often make yourself indispensable, always ready to give advice and help. You build intense relationships and can feel unappreciated when you've given unsolicited help. It's only when you don't get the response or appreciation you'd hoped for that you may see our efforts spring from a need to be loved or appreciated. This kind of giving can create relationships driven by guilt and resentment because real needs are not being clearly identified. Taking Chicory allows you to deal with your own emotional needs honestly and directly. You're able to give generously to others whilst genuinely expecting nothing back. You can keep healthy boundaries with others, allowing them to walk their own path. You fulfil your own needs and give from a sense of abundance. Taking Chicory enables you to give love unconditionally.

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Clematis - Zoning out to Being Present You need Clemtis when you're drifting off into daydreams or fantasies of the future, so the mind has lapses of concentration on the earth level, bringing inattentiveness, poor memory, dizziness, bumping into things or tripping up. You can be a quiet, gentle person, often more at home "up there". You can often appear deaf and need lots of sleep. You may be numbing out pain and reality with romanticised ideas of a happier future or get lost in memories. You may knock into things as you're not grounded in your physical body and are indifferent to its fate. You love to retreat into sleep and can faint easily or feel light-headed. People working a lot in their imagination such as artists and writers often need the "grounding" this essence brings. Clematis allows you to be fully present and rooted in reality. You're able to put your visions into action and use your creativity to make your dreams happen.


Crab Apple - Obsessed with Detail to Higher Perspective This essence is a cleanser, working bodily, mentally and spiritually. It benefits any skin complaints. Good when you dislike mess and dirt and you have very high standards of cleanliness, either bodily or an obsession with housework. In the negative state you can be very fussy, easily upset, making mountains out of molehills. You feel details are important and can lose the bigger picture. Flaws in your behaviour, body or environment can become the focus of your thoughts until resolved. You're very sensitive. Crab Apple brings calmness to this obsessive state. Taking Crab Apple helps you accept yourself 'warts and all' as a physical being. You gain a healthier perspective and can see the learnings and growth in situations rather than the imperfections. This essence in particular can be applied to the skin as a lotion in a little water or 10 drops in a warm bath, in addition to being ingested.

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Elm - Overwhelmed to Appropriate Responsibility This is for those of us normally very capable, perhaps with responsible jobs, large families or dependants to care for. You may suddenly feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities, overburdened and unable to manage. This is when Elm is needed, bringing back your strength of mind and ability to cope. Happily, this essence is only needed short term as it soon restores balance. You have a strong sense of responsibilty. It's hard to know your limits. The only way to allow yourself rest is to physically break down with a cold, flu or other illness - though even in your sick bed you feel guilty at letting others down. When you need Elm situations you normally handle easily feel like the straw that will break the camel's back. You find it hard to delegate and, though normally sure of your vocation, suddenly wonder if you're really cut out for it. You doubt if you have the stamina to get through the day. Taking Elm will restore your confidence, enable you to delegate and accept help.

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Gentian - Discouragement to Faith & Optimism This essence is for times when you lack faith, whether in yourself or the Creator. This lack brings the mental state of feeling disappointed at setbacks. You can feel depressed or discouraged. If this is a chronic state it would indicate a 'Doubting Thomas' type, or someone who hasn't found their spiritual connection. In this state you feel disappointed at the first setback to your plans. You're filled with doubt and need reassurance. You can't trust the unfolding of events. You feel every delay or setback is a reason to give up or a sign not to continue.Taking Gentian allows you to see setbacks and delays as learning steps and opportunities for review. Gentian enables you to see that all things are working to the right end. You're able to maintain a positive outlook and feel certain of finding solutions. You're even able to encourage others.

Gorse - Despair to Hope This is the remedy for deep hopelessness, sadness, often suffered by those with chronic illness or dealing with a long-term challenge. If this negative state has taken root there may be dark rings under the eyes. You need Gorse when you feel despair. When you've lost any hope of change. You feel tired inside. You feel you've come to terms with a chronic illness or situation and no longer dare hope for improvement. You may try things to alter the situation but don't really believe it will make any difference. As Gorse is taken so the darkness will change to light. It restores your confidence in a positive outcome. It fills you with hope of a new beginning and helps you see that it's never too late to change.

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Heather - Loneliness to Connection Heather has two pictures. Sometimes you need Heather when you hate to be alone. You need reassurance so you keep talking of your own problems and illnesses to the point where it's hard for you to hear others' concerns. You also can be rather dramatic about your emotional problems. You have little sense of your own identity so being alone is frightening. Being abandoned is your greatest fear. You can be rather dramatic about your emotional problems. The other Heather picture is when you deny your needs and you may try to appear stronger and more competent than you really are. Taking Heather allows you to feel safe, cared for by your Inner Guidance. You're filled with trust that you'll be given everything you need for your development. You can offer empathy and comfort to others. As you take this essence you'll regain the ability to enjoy your own company and will start taking a lively interest in others. You can then offer empathy and comfort to others.

Holly - Guarded & Distrustful to Unconditonal Love This is a strong essence to treat the intense emotions of a wounded heart: envy, jealousy, suspicion, revenge, hate and anger. When you need it, you're easily triggered to anger. Past hurts make it too painful to explore your deeper feelings. There's a lot of emotional scar tissue. You may feel guarded and suspicious when new people come into your sphere. You question people's motives. You can't let go of envy, distrust and suspicion and allow yourself to fully exchange love again. It's easier to be defensive and combative. You can't bear to be disappointed and hurt again. It's hard to trust that there's enough love to go round, so you feel possessive of those you love. As Holly is taken it will open your heart and flood it with the vibration of unconditional love, in the face of which these strong negative emotions cannot exist. You're able to approach others with goodwill and compassion, to feel the limitlessness of love and know there's enough for us all.

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Honeysuckle - Living in the Past to Letting Go You need this remedy when you dwell on the 'good old days', thinking of happier times with rose-tinted glasses. You feel your happiest moments have passed and the future is unlikely to be that good again. It's hard for you to adapt to changing circumstances and new developments. You want to determine your own destiny, rather than to relax into life's flow. You have little interest in current affairs and no expectations for the future. You still regret lost opportunities or old relationships. You tend to hoard objects of sentimental value and have a poor memory of your early childhood. Taking Honeysuckle brings you present to now. You can see how the past has a bearing on the present. You're able to bring what's of real value from the past and create it anew in your current life. Honeeysuckle helps you let go of anything from the past which no longer serves you.

Hornbeam - Mental Staleness to Mentally Refreshed This remedy is for when you're taking a long time to 'come round' on waking, still tired after a good nights sleep. You need a coffee before you can start your day. You feel you won't have enough energy to get everything done, although by the end of the day you have actually got through it all. This remedy treats a kind of mental boredom or tiredness, the kind you often get after a day spent doing nothing, bringing on a feeling of procrastination. You feel jaded, bored, everything is the same old routine. Do not confuse this with the apathy of Wild Rose. Hornbeam refreshes the mind; it's a mental pick me up. Sometimes you can tell you need Hornbeam if you think you're tired but then the chance comes to do something interesting and spontaneous and suddenly energy comes flooding back. Taking Hornbeam refreshes your mind, restoring zest and sparkle. You're able to balance routine and variety and follow impulse rather than duty occasionally.

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Impatiens - Frustration to Patience This remedy is for impatience and irritability. When you like things done very quickly, perhaps preferring to work alone as slower workers irritate you. When you need Impatiens you may flush, or flare up and lose your temper easily. You may be easily irritated and don't enjoy working closely with others, as they're too slow, take too long to learn and get stuck in detail. You like the big vision and get a buzz from speed. You're mentally tense and you feel constantly frustrated because there isn't enough time. Taking Impatiens allows you to relax and empathise with temperaments different to your own. You feel less driven and can be patient and gentle with yourself and others. Impatiens brings a gentle patience and the ability to work as part of a team.

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Larch - Fear of Failure to Confidence This remedy is for when you feel others can do things better than you can, so you don't try. You compare yourself with those who shine and feel you couldn't match up. You assume there are limitations to anything you want to do and can always justify not starting something. Larch is for when you know deep down you have the ability, but lack the confidence to carry out the task. You admire others achieving that which you wish to do but are never jealous. You're actually very capable but have conditioned yourself to avoid failure. You may unconsciously use illness as a way of avoiding attempting something. When you need Larch your position at work doesn't match your abilities because you don't have the confidence to explore your potential. Taking Larch allows you to assess your personal strengths and weaknesses objectively. It strengthens your self-belief so that you can use your talents to the full. You're able to take opportunities with reasonable expectations and contribute your real worth to society. It's a useful remedy for one-off events such as driving tests or exams as well as for long term use to bring back confidence to live life to the full.


Mimulus - Nervous & Hesitant to Brave & Resilient This remedy is for all known fears, fear of lifts, heights, spiders, water - fear of anything material. When you need this essence you may put up a good front but inside you feel timid, shy, nervous, sensitive to crowds, loud noises, bright lights; you may stammer or blush easily. Inside you feel frightened of some specific situation or person but you don't talk about it. You may feel anxious about carrying out quite mundane daily activities. The world seems a difficult and dangerous place so you proceed over-cautiously, sometimes procrastinating over decisions because of your anxiety. In this frame of mind you like to be left in peace, though it can be frightening to be alone. An indication for Mimulus is that when you face your fears you can easily fall ill. Taking Mimulus allows you to face the world with courage and composure. You once again feel equal to the challenges of life and have compassion for others' fears and sensitivities.

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Mustard - Gloomy & Depressed to Joyful & Light-Hearted Mustard dispels gloom or depression which often feels like a weight or black cloud overhead. These feelings of despair come and go for no apparent reason. One moment you're fine, the next everything looks negative and you can't shift your pessimistic outlook. Nothing can lift your spirits and it's difficult to feel any loving connection. Taking Mustard brings joy; a feeling of being happily in the flow of life, taking life's ups and downs serenely. Mustard casts out the clouds bringing back joy and sunlight.

'Thanks again for the mustard, it's really helping me to lighten up' Jake, Student, Wales

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Oak - Weary & Over-Responsible to Strong & Determined This reemdy is for when you're struggling on, never giving in, regardless of challenges or burdens. Like the mighty oak you possess great strength and courage. This essence is only needed when you feel you can't struggle on any longer. Often your legs ache and a great weariness comes over you. Life feels like a series of 'to do' lists and you've lost your sense of humour. Typically you need Oak when you're strong and responsible and feel it's important to always follow through. You work hard to fulfil all your responsibilities and often take a leadership role. You can seem a bit serious or daunting to others. You dislike weakness and can drive yourself to the point of collapse. Oak helps you to lighten up, enabling you to deal with tasks creatively. You're able to say 'enough' and take time to relax. Luckily, Oak is usually only needed in the short term as it works quickly, bringing back strength and fortitude.

Olive - Exhausted to Revitalised This is a remedy for tiredness anddeep fatigue - whether physical or mental. You're at the end of your strength. Utterly exhausted, you have nothing left to give. Taking Olive renews your energy even when you have to make great demands upon it. It's also useful for convalescence after an illness, as it restores strength, or for short term use such as after a period of great physical exertion. It helps you pace yourself and draw on an inner strength.

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Pine - Not Good Enough & Guilty to Self Value This remedy is indicated when you have low self worth and are easily guilt-tripped. These feelings of guilt can be very deep and often stem from childhood. They can be accompanied by a sadness and possibly a lack of self worth. You may accept the blame even when it isn't your fault and apologise profusely even for being ill or overworked. You have a strong sense of right and wrong and expect to be punished, often taking on burdens and sacrificing yourself. You don't feel you really deserve to be here. You judge yourself harshly and cut yourself off from love. Taking Pine gives you one of the greatest gifts you can have - self-acceptance. You accept that everyone deserves to be here, including you. You accept yourself as worthy of love and are able to receive praise and appreciation. You understand the limits of responsibility and become clear where appropriate boundaries lie.

Red Chestnut - Co-dependent & Catastrophising to Optimistic This i the ideal remedy when you worry a great deal about others.: your family, your clients, colleagues or disaster victims. You're easily made anxious by a missed call or signs of a potential problem. You don't worry about yourself, your attention is directed to others. You can be too emotionally attached and project your worries and fears onto others. This is an excellent remedy for co-dependency, whether with a person or if you're addicted to a substance. Red Chestnut allows you to empathise with others without taking on their concerns. As Red Chestnut is taken these negative fears turn to positive optimism. You're able to throw somein difficulty a rope rather than climb down into the pit with them. You can respect that others must find their own way to resolve their problems and trust that the outcome will be for their personal growth. You can demonstrate your faith in others' ability to grow and learn from difficult situations.

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Rock Rose - Panic to Calmness & Presence For when you feel terror, acute fear or blind panic. Useful for when you're suffering from nightmares or panic attacks. Take this remedy if you feel paralysed by fear, if you feel like a rabbit in headlights or you wake up sweating in panic. You need Rock Rose if you're contemplating a course of action and it makes your heart beat fast and your stomach churn. Your solar plexus may be tense and you sometimes feel like you've been punched in the stomach. Your mind races and you can't think clearly; you have a sensitive nervous system. You may not show it on the outside but inside you're often in a state of inner alarm. Taking Rock Rose enables you to regain your presence of mind. You begin to feel calm and can connect to your inner guidance. You'll feel full of courage and are able to perform heroic feats for the good of all. Give this remedy to the helpers as well as the sufferer in extremely fearful situations, as strong negative vibrations spread to those around.

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Rock Water - Martyrdom & Rigidity to Flexibility & Self Care This remedy is for when you punish yourself, often unknowingly. When you're very hard on yourself, wishing to set a good example to others, therefore becoming very rigid. You may deny yourself the smallest luxury, or even necessity, making a martyr of yourself. Sometimes you're very rigid in diet, attitudes or lifestyle. You need Rock Water when you rarely relax or take holidays and will tend to sacrifice your time and effort to a higher ideal of how to live. You're very hard on yourself and follow the rules you set ourself with great discipline. Taking Rock Water allows you to open your mind to new truths and ideas. The chronic tension of this state eases as the essence is taken and you're able to allow your inner child to have some fun. As Rock Water gets to work you can balance your physical and spiritual needs appropriately.

Scleranthus - Indecisive & Scattered to Focused & Balanced You need this remedy when your focus is scattered because you're unable to choose between two things or two possible directions. It's a great remedy for indecision. You may weigh things up and procrastinate, taking a long time to reach a decision. Scleranthus has to do with balance, the negative state may show up physically as stumbling, shakiness, vertigo, and mood swings. You'll feel inner conflict - pulled this way then that. Your mind seems made up - then it changes again. You keep this inner state to yourself so that on the outside you can appear to have mood swings and be rather unpredictable. You can jump from topic to topic in conversation because you lack focus and can respond to nervously to outside impulses. Physical symptoms are also erratic with pain moving from place to place in the body, extremes of appetite, energy levels and temperature and problems with balance and motion sickness. Taking Scleranthus helps you focus and concentrate. You're able to make decisions easily and quickly. You become more flexible and are able to integrate many different interests into your life. This essence brings an inner balance and a decisive character.

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Star of Bethlehem - Shock & Numbness to Comfort & Integration This is THE essence for shock, whether physical or emotional. It releases and dissolves the effect of any kind of shock or trauma, whether immediate or in the past. This is the remedy to choose if you've had an argument with someone or hurt yourself physically or emotionally. If you need this you probably find strong or intense emotional states very hard to process. People's rudeness can leave you outraged. Your reactions are slow, as though you're sedated and you may suffer from water retention and bruise easily. You have a recurring nightmares. This is an excellent remedy for psychosomatic symptoms related to shock. It's also a recognised fact that shock can kill so if this essence can be given immediately it will help to take away the numbing effect thus assisting the body to carry on with its own self healing unhampered. This does not replace medical assistance, which should always be called for, but enhances it. Taking Star of Bethlehem allows you to relate to people's feelings with great sensitivity. It helps you deal appropriately with your own feelings so that you can grow from them. You can extend great comfort to others and feel comforted yourself.

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Sweet Chestnut - Crisis to Transformation You need Sweet Chestnut when you've reached the end of the road and you need to surrender. You may be clinging on for dear life to what seems safe and familiar when actually you need to make a big shift but feel completely unsupported with it. For example you may need to let go of a relationship or work that's no longer right for you and take a leap into the unknown. You'd like to give up control and have faith but you feel desperately alone and frightened. Turn to Sweet Chestnut if you feel absolute and utter despair, no way out, complete hopelessness, back against the wall, "the dark night of the soul". These are all terms used to describe this negative emotion. These feelings of desolation may also be accompanied by weariness or feeling trapped, perhaps in a tunnel; or feelings of complete isolation from the rest of mankind. Taking Sweet Chestnut allows you to surrender - to 'let go and let God'. It supports deep transformation in moments of tremendous personal crisis - it's oftem needed when you're on the verge of a major shift or breakthrough in your growth. Sweet Chestnut will return you to the joy of life once again.

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Vervain - Overdoing to Pacing Yourself This remedy is for when you over strive, yet the results often don't reflect the effort you put in. When you're a perfectionist who likes things done properly, but fast. You may often amaze people with your energy and enthusiasm but you can't pace yourself and eventually you burn out and crash onto the sofa or into bed, feeling you can't do another thing. Often a workaholic, you can be fanatical and over enthusiastic in your views, wanting to change the world or the way people think. When you need Vervain you'll exhaust yourself in heroic efforts to throw the perfect dinner party or hand in the most widely-researched report. If others don't respond to your attempts to convince them of the right food to eat or the most useful new self-development book to buy you feel frustrated. In your enthusiasm, you're inclined to ram your opinions down people's throats, not having learned that good is never achieved by force. This causes much tension, which is eased by taking this essence until this lesson is learned. You need Vervain when you want to convince others of the right way to live and when you find a new passion you share it enthusiastically. You hate injustice and are inclined to risk and sacrifice too much to reach your goals. Taking Vervain allows you to use an appropriate amount of energy for each task. You can allow others their own point of view and respect their own path in life. You can inspire and motivate others effortlessly. Taking Vervain allows you to feel when enough is enough and 'good enough' can often be perfect.

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Vine - Intimidating to Inspired Leadership In this state, you can be very strong minded and ride roughshod over the opinions, thoughts and feelings of others, oblivious to the fact that you're "commanding" in the wrong way. You'll intimidate others weaker than yourself, often without realising. You'll not usually argue as you know you're right and expect everyone to go along with you. You know what's right for others and give much well-intentioned direction. It's hard to hear other people's point of view. You like to have the last word and dislike having to bow to authority. You like to be the 'saviour' of a situation and can be relied on to keep your head in emergencies, when your gift for leadership is most apparent. The positive state, created as Vine is taken, is that of great leadership capabilities. Taking Vine enables you to value and respect the rights of others and pay attention to their needs. You'll understand how to empower others to help themselves. Your natural authority and ambition is used with wisdom for the good of all.

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Walnut - Distracted & Easily Influenced to Being True to Yourself Walnut brings adaptability to any new change; whether it's a change in bodily functions, adolescence, birth or a change in lifestyle, divorce, bereavement, new school or new work role. There are many circumstances when you find difficulty in new situations. Walnut helps you to overcome these challenges. Walnut is the link breaker; it helps break old links and bad habits. It also helps you when you have a purpose but you're frequently distracted from it by other people's agendas. You feel over-sensitive to outside influences. You need to break the spell of an old relationship or release the influence of someone over you. Taking Walnut helps you make the last step to change. As you develop a more flexible attitude, you realise that in a positive sense, any period of change will bring about growth and strengthen your character, if you can only allow it. Walnut allows you to be true to yourself and to move forward with confidence. It opens you to your inner inspiration and releases you from outer influences.

Water Violet - Withdrawn & Proud to Connected & Vulnerable This remedy is indicated if you need privacy and lots of personal space. You probably value your independence very highly. You enjoy time alone to reflect and contemplate and can appear rather aloof and unapproachable to others. You often want to withdraw from relationships or situations and don't like other people becoming involved in your personal affairs. You find emotional conflict exhausting and find it hard to approach others, particularly in group situations. You can feel tense and isolated. You may have a gentle, sensitive nature that is also proud and upright and can often become negative, a state in which you acutely feel the need to withdraw into your own space; perhaps feeling slightly superior to your fellow man but these negative emotions bring a sense of loneliness. When you take Water Violet it brings the ability to socialise easily and to share your integrity, wisdom and knowledge with others as your sense of separateness dissolves. Taking Water Violet allows you to feel connected to others, whilst still maintaining a comfortable distance. You're able to reach out to others when necessary whilst maintaining your independence.

White Chestnut - Looping Thoughts to a Quiet Mind To be taken at those times when your thoughts are taking over your life, preventing concentration on little else. like a hamster on a wheel, the same worries will buzz around and around in your head and if you try to think of something else it will be to no avail, as the same thought will shortly return to pester you. It can be hard to go to sleep and as soon as you wake your mind sets off again. Your head is too busy and you may have lost connection with your physical body and your natural rhythms of eating and sleeping, cycles of activity and rest. It's hard to prioritise or concentrate on one task - your mind feels like a blizzard of 'post it' notes. White Chestnut helps your mind to quieten so that you can think and express yourself clearly. It brings mental peace. It helps concentration, meditation and stuttering. It can be useful to help insomnia in combnation with other remedies.

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Wild Oat - Drifting & Uncommitted to Engaged & Purposeful This remedy is for when you're unable to see your true path in life, wishing to find the vocation tht's right for you. You may be good at many things but find it hard to settle and commit to any one course of action. You have no real sense of purpose so feel blown by the wind from one job to another and one relationship to another, drfting and unable to put down roots. You frequently feel bored, frustrated and dissatisfied. You tend to get involved in too many things and spread yourself too thin. Each person is put on earth to serve a Divine purpose; something which will come easily and naturally to you and which you'll enjoy doing above all else. When you take Wild Oat you feel your calling and can commit to a vision for your life which you can follow. This essence will help you to see the right path.

Wild Rose - Apathy & Resignation to Enthusiasm & Motivation Apathy, boredom and resignation are the key words when you're in the negative Wild Rose state. Most of us, at some time, will experience a loss of enthusiasm even for the things we usually enjoy doing. This is due to a feeeling of powerlessness which can bring with it a feeling of tiredness. You may experience this during a long term illness, as you're often told to resign yourself to the fact you may never be well. Commonly, when you need this remedy, you feel resigned to your fate. you feel that nothing you do will make any difference so why bother. You have very low energy and are chronically bored. Everything feels a lot of pointless effort. Taking Wild Rose will restore initiative, motivation and vitality. Enthusiasm will flood back and life will feel exciting and interesting again. Wild Rose will bring back joy in life whatever the circumstances.

Willow - Blame & Victim-Thinking to Self-Responsibilty & Forgiveness When life seems hard and you take a lot of knocks it is easy to become bitter or resentful of others who may seem to have an easier time of it. This essence is for when you're bearing grudges, perhaps you think to yourself "It's not fair", feeling that you have been given a raw deal. You've developed a cynical mindset - the world is out to get you and you have only negative expectations. It seems everyone around you has power except you, so you feel exploited by others. You feel a victim of your situation; there's nothing you can do about it except hope that those around you will change their behaviour.

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Care Instructions: When taking essences try not to let the pipette touch your mouth or tongue and take twenty minutes away from food, toothpaste, drink (except water) and other essences. Don't leave essences for prolonged periods in direct sunlight, heat or next to computers, microwave ovens, digital/dect phone bases or mobile phones.

Alcohol: Essences are preserved in a small amount of brandy (or vodka on request) and can be taken in water or under the tongue.

'Bach Flower Essences have been making such a difference to my life. Since the first day of taking them I've felt so much more clarity'. M.F. Bowen Practitioner

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If you'd like a Deep Acting Remedy blend to complement your Bach Flower Remedies, which can be taken simultaneously for fast-acting change at a deep karmic level, then click for more on deep acting personal attunements, when essences are chosen through spiritual guidance to address your particular soul issues.

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I recommend Crystal Herbs and Healing Herbs as retaining the original strength of the Bach Flowers. All Crystal Herbs remedies are handmade with love, to the original instructions of Dr Bach using only the finest quality ingredients. They are preserved in organic brandy.

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Revival Remedy The well-known Rescue Remedy™ is a trademarked name for a combination of 5 of the above essences: Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum. In the Crystal Herbs range the blend of those five essences is now called Revival Remedy. This combination acts as a very swift stabiliser to stressful situations, extreme conditions, accidents, etc. Also useful to take before exams, driving tests, visits to dentist, job interviews or during emotional shifts

Dosage: Take 4 drops in a drink and sip, replenish as needed. In stressful situations take 4 drops on the tongue, repeat until stabilised and calm. In cases of fainting, rub the drops on lips, temple, inner wrists and other pulse spots as often as needed. Click to order from Crystal Herbs

Alcohol - Essences are preserved in a small amount of brandy and can be taken diluted in water or under the tongue.

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Alcohol - Essences are preserved in a small amount of brandy and can be taken diluted in water or under the tongue.

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