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Where do I go from here?
Assess your options

This website is rich in resources to support you in taking the next step on your soul journey, in deepening your insights and in enhancing the life choices you're making. Here's a summary of what's on offer:

I hope this summary of services will help you choose your next best step. It starts with the most comprehensive service. Just click the links for prices, options and FAQs.

One to One coaching

Includes a Bach remedy prescription, essence attunement and suggestions for next steps. This is suited to long-term change, although some see rapid results in the short-term too. Read more about coaching

A De Luxe Attunement

This channeled bespoke essence blend will show you what’s going on within you and will help it to surface and resolve. It also contains Bach remedy suggestions, animal and angelic allies, a personal affirmation as well as suggested reading or activities to further move you forward. Essences are available as a transmission or a bottle. Read more about attunements

A Standard Attunement

This channeled bespoke essence blend will also help you understand what’s trying to get your attention and will help it to surface and resolve. Unlike the De Luxe version there's no further interpretation, suggestions or other 'bells and whistles'. Essences are available as a transmission or a bottle. Read more abot attunements

An Essence Guidance Service

If you’d like to try one of the Spirit of Transformation essence blends but you aren’t sure which to choose, this service means I'll tune in and advise you which one is most appropriate for you now. Unlike attunements these aren't bespoke but are chosen from within the four existing ranges. Essences are available as a transmission or a bottle. Read more about essence guidance

A Personal Essence Message

This includes a transmission of the essence, its message to you and an affirmation. Read more about essence messages

A Bach Flower Consultation

This includes a consultation to assess your immediate situation and a blend to help. Read more about Bach Remedy Consultations

Tips on Choosing

Your intuition coupled with current resources will obviously influence your choice. Only you know how much time and money you have and how much support you have in place. If you're in crisis i wouldn't advise coaching, as I’m unable to respond quickly and it may be a while before I could find space for a coaching slot.

If you’re used to enquiring into your feelings and processing how you feel, any of the above services would be helpful. If you’d like extra support the first two options will probably be the best. When we’re feeling very challenged by life it can be hard to hear our own guidance or see our own blindspots, so coaching or a de luxe attunement would both offer that extra support.

When we're truly fed up and tired it can create a turning point, because we become willing to try something new and really commit to it. If you look back at times of positive change you often notice they were preceded by what seemed a negative event at the time.

Also, when we’re stuck or in a dark place the key is to change our mindset. We can’t simply ’snap out of it’ or take positive steps until we feel differently - only then can new thoughts arise. Essences are a wonderful way to change our emotional landscape so we feel hopeful and more optimistic - then new actions and choices become possible.

'I truly believe you are a 'Healer's Healer' and a great support system for those willing to look beyond their own perception.' B.P. Counsellor and Healer

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