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  • Leonie Dawson - Entrepreneur
  • Bernadette Doyle - Client Magnets
  • Mark Silver - Heart of Business
  • Brendon Burchard
  • Ann Wilson - The Wealth Chef

    Leonie Dawson - Australian Bestselling Author and Entrepreneur

    Need to follow through on a dream?

    Sometimes you have very specific goals that need to you to focus for a limited period and be accountable in order to bring them over the finish line. A master at this is Australian entrepreneur Leonie Dawson. She's currently running the online courses listed below, which are common issues for all entrepreneurs.

    You can join at any point, as the material will stay up for a year.

    NB Be ready for some fruity language - more than one of your five a day:)

  • Soul Care
  • 'Leonie is one of the most authentic teachers I've come across online, and I've been online for 20 years. Leonie's down-to-earth and damn approachable vibe has you forgetting any actual doubts and fears you've been lugging around and next thing you know, you're getting things done like a fire cracker' Jelena Mrkich.

    Offered in association with Leonie Dawson

    Would you like support with your next project?

    There are a lot of expensive courses on offer to help you with your business or your money. It's easy to spend a lot and end up with not very much. Over the years I've identified a few key people who give sensible advice that actually bring results when you implement it, who offer plenty of excellent free ideas upfront, who are realistic about time-frames and what's achievable and who don't charge silly prices.

    Mark Silver - Heart of Business

    Need support, new skills and a sense of community?

    Working for yourself can not only be lonely, it also means you often need advice on areas that aren't your strength. If you're ready to invest in ongoing support and learning, the Heart of Business Learning Community below is ideal. There's a basic monthly minimum price on a 'pay what you can' basis.

    You'll find yourself in the company of other entrepreneurs at all stages of business, so you have somewhere to go to ask questions, brainstorm and learn new skills.

    Mark is a Sufi businessman based in Portland, Oregon. I find his approach to business generous, ethical and from the heart whilst being realistic and practical. His short weekly newsletter always contains a really useful article to help entrepreneurs.

    His training programs include home study programs, one-on-one individual support, telecourses, a vibrant online community and live events.

    Click www.heartofbusiness.com for a guided tour of how the team can help you and lots of free resources. I highly recommend his regular newsletter.

    He offers help with topics such as :

    • Pricing tips for your products and services

    • Things to know when you're just starting out

    • A free business assessment

    • Heart of Money - an 8 week interactive online course which runs once a year on a 'pay what you can' basis. Gets to the heart of your relationship with money.

    • Connect to the Heart of Your Business - a 9 week program run once a year on a 'pay what you can' basis

    • An online heart-centred business community - (for ongoing support on a monthly 'pay what you can' basis) - Includes sacred selling, how to create an authentic, compelling heart-centred website, how to say what you do in one compelling sentence and how to write quality articles. Mark and his team take a new influx of members at regular intervals, then close to allow those new people to find their feet. So if it's closed when you click through, just join to be put on the wait list and, in the meantime, you'll get their very informative newsletter

    Visit: www.heartofbusiness.com which will give you a guided tour of how the team can help you.

    'If I could go back in time, I wish I could go back and start with Mark's program. It was more affordable and got me to create the foundation that I was really needing, and didn't really know it' Joselito Laudencia

    Ann Wilson - The Wealth Chef

    ann wilsonIs sorting out your finances something you keep putting off? Does it seem impossible to bring enough money through the door - and when you have it, are you clear what to do in order to allow it to grow?

    Ann Wilson aka the Wealth Chef learned the hard way how to do that and now she's made it her mission to help others do the same.

    If you can step up around your money you'll be more relaxed, less in survival mode and more able to create a joyful life, which creates ease for those around you too.

    Ann's trained with top mentors such as Anthony Robbins to empower herself and create the life she wanted. She cuts through financial jargon with simple practical steps that will help you to clear debt and create the kind of assets and passive income that will allow you live your dreams. Wherever you are on your money journey, from struggling with debt to wondering how to invest savings, she covers it all.

    The online interactive course includes topics such as:

    • How to create passive income stream businesses
    • How to invest safely and easily in the stock market
    • How to put your Financial Freedom plan together so you have everything covered
    • How to get rid of limiting beliefs that have held you back in the past

    Click to find out more about the Financial Freedom University and start empowering yourself around money - there is plenty of free advice, even without signing up to the course.

    The Financial Freedom University - Opens Once a Year

    Ann runs the Financial Freedom University which is open for registration once a year. Put yourself on the waiting list here As a former trainer with Anthony Robbins and trained in NLP, she's gifted at motivating and inspiring you, as well as giving you the practical tools you need. Personally I feel that being empowered around your money is essential to allow you to make better choices in your life.

    Offered in association with www.thewealthchef.com

    Bernadette Doyle - Client Magnets

    Bernadette Doyle is based in Belfast and offers excellent free webinars as well as regular short free weekly videos on all aspects of running your own business. Visit her video blog at: www.bernadettedoyle.com

    Bernadette's original website is www.clientmagnets.com where you can get a free video training series. She has years of business building experience and I've found her information invaluable.

    Brendon Burchard

    Brendon Burchard is an inspirational speaker and author of several books including The Millionaire Messenger and The Charge. He had a life-changing accident which made him ask what really mattered in life. He is dedicated to helping others find their voice and the courage to express it. He has some great free videos with very professional delivery and excellent content. Visit him at: www.brendon.com

    His way of analysing what motivates you and how you deliver it is really useful. He's great for an injection of inspiration and get-up-and-go.

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