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The Karma Coach - What Clients Say

Standard Bottle Attunements

Thank you so much for the attunement you gave me and the remedies arrived very quickly. And I would say, yes, I am feeling different already - less fearful and instead slowing down and listening more often to a higher truth. There is a huge amount of information in those remedies and in the mixture. Yew and Kyanite are two that I read and really warmed to. I will keep reading the whole description over the next weeks as there is so much to be aware of - it feels like it covers everything! Sheila, Artist, Gloucestershire,

'I love your work and products. I'm constantly amazed at how powerful the drops are. My husband and my bodies have both reacted strongly to the attunements. You just cannot doubt it.' Evelyn, Full Time Mother, Australia

'Nikki's attunement and the essences specially blended for my particular case have helped me enormously in moving on from past hurts and to be in a "good" place within my spirit. She has also helped my daughter with an attunement blend to heal and accept her life with optimism and hope.' Virginia, Writer, London

'Many thanks for this attunement - it is so spot on, I was pretty amazed. I was most definitely ready to explode but am very pleased to report it calmed me down quite quickly and prevented the outburst that was just waiting to happen. Thank you so much for that.' Jan, Nutritionist, London

'I received my second attunement and remedies today and they are spot on - again!' Anna, Mother, Brighton

'I swear I'm already experiencing the effects of the essence attunement and they haven't even arrived yet!' Jake, Student, Wales

'I must say that I've been feeling a lot better since I ordered my personal attunement blend, much happier and more confident so let's hope this continues to manifest! There were definitely things that resonated with me in each of the descriptions. I'm also going to plant the Bach flower from my free soul flower reading in my garden :-)' Danielle, Website Designer, London

Thank you for your attunement which was spot on with so many things, as usual. I'm excited to see how it stimulates change in the next few weeks.' Lesley Ann, Creative,

'I have just read my attunement description and I've been crying because everything that you describe is exactly what's happening to me, I really am looking forward to receiving the essences and to experiencing the benefits because I really do need them.' Rachel, Photographer, London

A later email from Rachel reads: 'The essence you sent me was very helpful and I may use more of your essences or get another personal attunement soon. I've improved a great deal since, and I know the essence definitely had something to do with it'

'Once again, the attunement was scarily accurate. All of the essences in the blend have awakened me to what's really going on right now. I think part of me was suppressing what I knew to be true, and like one of the essences stated, it all about bringing these issues into the light now.' Liane, Actor, London

'This attunement is spot on and just what I need right now. You've hit the nail on the head throughout.' Louise, Office Administrator, Hampshire,

'I have recently finished taking my personal essence attunement blend which has helped me to bring some closure to one thing in particular that I had been struggling with, as well as helping me feel more positive and at peace.' Lesley-Ann, Richmond

'The attunement description is fascinating, and really does seem to relate to me at the present time – you're right that I'm low in spirits at the moment and that’s exactly how I would describe it myself. Interestingly, I'm beginning to feel better emotionally already – and I recognised this yesterday when you did the attunement, even though I haven't received the essences yet. I'm also experiencing the huge life changes which you described and which are long overdue. I feel this attunement will help me during this time'. Julie, Early Years Teacher, Berkshire

‘I'm feeling the effects of the attunement transmission so deeply!! I feel calm and at ease ... my cells are bathing in a new light ‘ Kyala, Canada

'It's funny, as I know you don't normally include Bach essences in attunements, so I'd decided that I'd take Elm for being overwhelmed. Then I received your attunement description which included it as an extra! As a practitioner myself, I feel my physical symptoms are all emotional in origin and that your blend was spot on, intuitive, perceptive and wise. It continues to help and support me and I am grateful to have experienced it.' Mel, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, London

'Thanks for sending the blend. I had to chuckle when reading your notes as all the descriptions were spot on, amazing!' A.M. Interior designer

'Thank you so much for the attunements, we're already seeing a change in the children' D.L. Parenting Coach

'The energy of this attunement blend feels SO right for me at this time, a lovely, gentle, nurturing and deeply healing energy that has already reached a deep imbalance within me and begun to restore things to where/how they need to be. I'm going through a time of great upheaval in my outer world, and have been having difficulty keeping my inner balance. I feel as though these essences have simply reached DEEP into the innate balance within my Soul and drawn it through my entire being. I feel as if I am living a miracle no less beautiful and awesome than the unfolding of the petals on a flower joyfully opening its beauty-full being to the sun that nurtures and gives it life.' Ama, Poet, Somerset.

'Many thanks for my essence blend and description. All the essences strike a chord on reading! ' Louise, Illustrator, Brighton

'A day before the essence attunement arrived I felt my great grandad around so this is definitely the start of my ancestral healing - things are surfacing already.' Jayne, Reiki Healer, West Yorkshire

'I've finished my attunement drops and really feel I got a lot from them.' Denise, Nutritionist, Scotland.

'I'm looking forward to my attunement blend arriving and I feel that it's already helping somehow!' Evi, Artist and Holistic Therapist, Cyprus

'As a trained alternative practitioner it's often hard to find someone that I feel confident with, yet I felt so drawn to having an attunement with Nikki that I couldn't ignore it. When my attunement description arrived I knew that I'd been right to follow my instincts as it described me exactly as I'd have written it myself. Since reading the description I've felt a huge sense of relief and calm which has increased upon taking my essences. I'm incredibly grateful to have found Nikki as she is very gifted' Kirsten, Herbalist, Cambridge

'Another wildly accurate set of essences!' Eleanor, Writer, London

'There are few sources from which I feel the energetic effects of an essence immediately upon ordering, and despite the physical distance between Canada and the UK, Spirit of Transformation is high up on that list.

Over the winter I experimented with the Karmic Cleansing and Karmic Power Essences which were both very helpful, and I must say I was blown away by the Pluto/Scorpio Planetary Essence.

While the Karmic Essences helped me work through specific issues, the Pluto/Scorpio Planetary Essence may be something I return to again and again as it felt like an anchor, truly grounding me and encouraging an unparalleled inner alignment and healthy detachment from external distractions.

Nikki Wyatt's blends have been powerful and efficient on my journey and I'd recommend them to anyone looking for additional support in their quest for well-being!' Melanie Halpert, CBP Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Canada

Standard Transmission Attunements

'Thank you for my transmission attunement. So insightful and yes I am already feeling the energies you describe.' V.P. Leicestershire

'Thank you so much. I am still integrating the essence info and yes I can feel it, it's wonderful.' Tracey, Devon

'The second attunement was so dead on I just had to share it with a very close friend. Knowing me and my present situation well, he was also stunned by its accuracy. I'm ready for the next attunement now. The last one worked really well - thank you for providing this service!' Bereji, Trainee solicitor, Germany

'Thank you so much for my attunement. I was skeptical at first but much, particularly my perspective on things, has changed for the better. My artistic flow, which I had really lost my confidence in, has returned. I still have some things I need to work through but I'm feeling much more positive about the future now'. Danielle, Artist and Animal Care Instructor, Cornwall.

'Thank you very much for my Personal Transmission Attunement. It was spot on! Your reference to Star of Bethlehem was amazing as it has been the only Bach remedy I really felt worked for me. I took it a few years ago and had completely forgotten about it. Unwittingly I started feeling the attunement before I read your email. Among other things I was drawn to get out my Selenite Wand and, also, do the grounding and protection method I had been taught many years ago. I'm delighted that the essences are activated and will be working without any input from me. At last I am not being told I should/must do... I have taken in all your suggestions and I'm on the way to getting out of my head. It's been a problem for a long, long time.' Edwina, Retired, Devon

'When I was expecting my essence attunement to arrive I felt a sense of support, empowerment and protection. I felt that strong positive forces were with me already working on the issues that corresponded to each essence! My own point of view is that each Essence is connected with specific Higher Divine forces such as Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters and our intention/ decision to start using an essence is a permission or an invitation to them to begin their healing work with us. And that is why the healing begins before we even start using the essences "physically". It is God's "breath" in the essences that is actually healing us being vibrationally encoded in the water we use and call an essence. I believe that the flowers used to make essences are like symbols which give indications of specific healing properties through their colours, shapes, textures etc and are etherically connected to the true Healer which is only God. Our decision to use an essence is like sending a signal for help and our wish is instantly granted since God is ever present and doesn't only exist within an essence. Using an essence for a number of days repeatedly is our affirmation of accepting Divine assistance.' Evi, Artist and Holistic Therapist, Cyprus

De Luxe Attunements

'Thank you so much for my attunement, I'm speechless at its accuracy and the effect it has had/having on me. I suspected on some level so much of what you said. It's so reassuring to understand the shifts that I'm feeling. Knowing about the specific power animals and angelic support that's there for me is extremely comforting.' Becky, Nurse, Nottinghamshire

'Just wanted to thank you so much for the transmission attunements for me and the children. We could actually see the clear effect on my baby when the attunement was transmitted. My friend popped round the morning after and immediately said "she's got a completely different feel, much lighter and happier". My eldest daughter is a little calmer and I no longer feel like I'm carrying such a heavy load - what a relief!' Danielle, Massage Therapist, Brighton

'Thank you for my second transmission attunement. You're always spot on. While I was reading the attributes of each essence I felt a tingling sensation in my head, arms and legs...I still do now as I write to you! I know that healing has already taken place fully, it's just a matter of time for me to experience this. I feel as if I'm inside a loving embrace and feel strongly supported. The healing energies are encouraging and motivating me to finally be me again!!' Evi, Artist, Cyprus

'I've been meaning to share with you what came up for me when I ordered this transmission attunement blend. It was such a powerful and transformative experience. I found lots of issues came up in the first week and I was very challenged by my shadow, but after the first week things eased up. I used the pictures of the flowers to help me process things and found that very helpful. The essence really helped me ground, focus on my path and my healing and it enabled me to release many things that were not serving me any longer. Thank you so much'. Marika, Green Leadership Trainer, Canada

'The attunement was absolutely spot on as usual and you are right, I started to feel the effects before the essences arrived in the post ........there was an ' easing ', which was very noticeable. I have to have some surgery tomorrow but I feel very grounded and calm, thank you so much Nikki.' Lesley-Anne, Reiki Practitioner, East Sussex

'I cannot explain receiving the transmission attunement except to say that all my cells feel very content and happy! My mind isn't in the same place but my cells refuse to budge from their happy state. It's like we are bathing in warm water with many bubbles. I'm just waiting for my mind to catch up.' Sue, Staffordshire
(When Sue rang me a month later she was still aware of the 'bubbling' and felt that so much was now willing to release that she booked a phone session.)

Liane's Attunement Story

"I felt that a black cloud was hovering over me and that I was removed from the world. Even before I actually took the essence, I could feel your work taking effect! It was no surprise when you emailed me saying the essence was in the post, because I could actually feel the black cloud lifting right there and then.

In the earlier stages of taking it, I felt that I was being purged. I actually had loads of mouth ulcers for the first week, but these soon cleared up. A lot of memories and experiences came up and lots of synchronicity started happening. A lot of major career lessons were learnt within a short space of time. Perhaps the mouth ulcers were a physical manifestation of me getting rid of a lot of old ideas.

I definitely feel more optimistic, more balanced - am about half way through the course now. I once saw one major issue in my life as an obstacle, but now the essence has made me see that this is really a blessing in disguise. This particular obstacle is allowing my career to flourish so rapidly that I know the obstacle will disappear in good time.

I was so astounded when I saw that you put Carob in my blend. If ever there was an essence for actors, this is it! And guess what, I've just got a part in a top fringe play working as part of an ensemble and Carob is all about group creativity!

More importantly, the essence has enabled me to appreciate the present moment. I was so depressed because things were not happening at a fast pace, but now I see that it really is all happening at this pace for a reason. And more importantly, thank goodness, all the things I want are unfolding at a nice steady pace, because it gives me a chance to really appreciate and enjoy them. Surely that's what its all about, enjoying the gifts of life! "
Liane, Actor, London

Consultation Comments both on the phone and in person, sorted by topic.

Energy Levels

'That last phone session moved me on unlike anything else! I was absolutely exhausted for about 4 days and then I've been bursting with energy ever since. I feel so much stronger and better in myself!' Minna, Kinesiologist, Cheshire



'Nikki gave me the time and space to support me through a huge transition in my life. She helped me to release fears and prepare myself to allow love to come in. Thank you for facilitating and working with me on this immense healing.'
M. H. Meditation Teacher,


'My twelve year old son was in a state of anxiety whilst settling into a new school. He was tearful, couldn't sleep and needed constant verbal reassurence. I phoned Nikki as I needed more support and advice and had used her myself in the past. After I explained the situation she made a Bach Flower remedy blend for him and the result was phenomenal and immediate. His anxiety was much much less, he felt able to cope and after two days went off happily to school. She didn't even need to meet him in person. It really was remarkable.'
C.M. Public Relations Manager

'I decided to see Nikki half way through my second pregnancy after a having a difficult birth with my first baby. I wanted to restore my confidence and belief before I gave birth again and found the flower essences created a real transformation in my feelings and approach. It has been immensely helpful, reassuring and a huge support. I'm delighted I chose to work with Nikki.'
D.L. Parenting Coach

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Support through Transition

'I think that the attunements and individual sessions are a really beneficial combination, as each time I meet up with you, it helps me to reflect on the past month and to focus on the areas where I have been able to release old patterns or develop in a way that is more in tune with my Self.' Julie, Yoga Teacher, Lewes

'I truly believe you are a 'Healer's Healer' and a great support system for those willing to look beyond their own perception.'
B.P. Counsellor and Healer

'Thank you for helping to transform my life! I find it hard to comprehend the changes that have happened in such a short time and to look back only a few months at a me that was unable to cope and overcome with emotion and doubt.'
L.S. Mother

'I wanted to say a big Thank You to you for all your kind wisdom and support during such a difficult time. It has helped me immeasurably and I often find myself mulling over some of the things we've talked about, which helps me to feel more positive.'
M.A. Life Coach

'Thanks again Nikki for your incredibly wise and loving support and for all the notes and information that you sent along with the essences . they were really helpful, and very caring!
S.M. Business Consultant

'Your help and guidance is great and has really helped me, so thank you from my heart.'
B.P. Financial Coach

'After seeing you I got up on Tuesday feeling much more positive and determined to face the challenges in my life.' G.B. Life Coach

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Spiritual Connection

'Thank you so much for everything, you have been incredibly influential in my healing and a 'spiritual transformation' is truly what it is.'
K.W. Sales Manager

'Thanks for the wonderful session today. I feel like a deep clearing was achieved as we spoke!'
S.M. Business Consultant

'I feel that you have helped me find my way to the light.'
S.S. Rehabilitation Worker.

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Changing Behaviour

'Thank you for your knowledge, love and wisdom which has taken my life to a complete new level. Having committed to your work I have been able to leap forward in every area of my life. Within three sessions you brought me so much clarity and understanding about certain areas of my life that were, without a doubt, patterns repeating themselves.'
B.P. Counsellor and Healer

'The 'getting unstuck' essence blend was great for me. After years of indecision and confusion, I have finally managed to put up some of my creative work for sale in a website. I'm convinced it was the essences that did it because it was whilst taking them that this finally seemed to come about and it didn't seem too stressful, just felt like the right thing to do. It's still a work in progress but it's a great achievement for me!' Lesley Ann, UK

'I think that the attunements and individual sessions are a really beneficial combination, as each time I meet up with you, it helps me to reflect on the past month and to focus on the areas where I have been able to release old patterns or develop in a way that is more in tune with my Self.' Julie, Yoga Teacher, Lewes

'I really like the way we can move together, in and out of serious and fun without trivialising what we're talking about. I heard you listening between the lines.'
A. C. Writer

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Clarity and Confidence

'I'm so glad that I met you last Monday and you introduced me to the Bach Flower Essences because they really have been making a difference to my life! Since the first day of taking them I have felt so much more clarity'.
M.F. Bowen Practitioner

'I wanted to thank you for our last session. I had a lot of clarity at the end of it.'
K.W. Retail Director

'I definitely think the essences are giving me more confidence and grounding.'
E. M. Media Executive

'After I saw you I felt fantastic which I put down to a great healing session with your goodself and a lovely little bottle of Forgiveness Essence!'
E.B. Financial Services, P.A.

Case Studies

Bedwetting Case Study - The Full Version - An eight year old overcomes an ingrained habit in just one session.

Wartime Trauma Case Study- An explosive memory returns and a sisterly relationship is healed

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