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Nikki Wyatt - The Karma Coach
as featured in Soul and Spirit Magazine
'helping you express your essence'

Writer, Vibrational Energy Expert,
Flower and Crystal Essence Practitioner

Coaching Vision

My aim is to put you in touch with your inner wisdom and power, helping you reconnect with love and intimacy. Ultimately most of us want happiness, fulfilment and abundance; whether that's more love, money, better quality relationships or more meaningful work. Everything I offer from the field of vibrational medicine, including flower, crystal, animal, bird and butterfly essences, are potent catalysts for removing blocks to experiencing these things in your life. For me life's greatest gift has been connecting to the love and support of spirit and the healing power of nature. Everything I offer is designed to bring this gift to you as abundantly as possible.

Areas of Expertise

I have worked successfully with clients on many issues including Life Purpose, Relationships, Illness, Bereavement, Decision-Making and Supporting Transition. Read their comments here.

Releasing Karma and Connecting to Guidance

From my professional training as a healer and a complementary health practitioner as well as my own experience, I feel that we come into this life with many ancestral or karmic memories in our cells and our DNA. These memories are triggered by events and those around us, causing us to develop physical and emotional responses and behaviour patterns which are often unhelpful, can seem irrational and are sometimes very painful. In all healing work with clients, I'm working towards acknowledging, understanding and releasing these deep processes to allow a lighter, freer way of being so that you are more in the flow of life. Consultations aim to bring a greater understanding of how universal and karmic dynamics are affecting you so that you can create an inner life which is reflected in a happier and more peaceful external reality and you feel more cofident in connecting to and in following your inner wisdom.

Click for an article on ancestral patterns and how they may affect you

Qualifications in Complementary Therapy

I am a graduate of the College of Vibrational Medicine which is affiliated to the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine. This enables me to prescribe Flower and Crystal Essences and I'm a qualified Gaia Energy Healer trained by the Academy of Eternal Light, which is also affiliated to the ICNM. I also trained at The Findhorn Foundation as a Transformation Game Facilitator which gives an excellent foundation in understanding Universal Laws. I'm also a licensed practitioner of Past Life Regression & Future Life Progression and member of the Past and Future Life Society.

Personal Background

Since transitioning from the corporate world in 1998 my own path includes experience of many complementary therapies such as Psychotherapy, Osteopathy, Homeopathy, Past Life Therapy, Nutritional Therapy, Family Constellation work, the Hoffman Process, Alexander Technique, Cranio Sacral therapy, Hypnotherapy, McTimoney Chiropractic, Spiritual Response Therapy, Shiatsu and Five Element Acupuncture.

The last fifteen years includes a year spent at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition whilst studying at the College of Psychic Studies, after which I moved to Sussex and began work at the Hoffman Institute: an international organisation dedicated to family healing. I've also attended courses at The Findhorn Foundation, an international spiritual community in Scotland.

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'Nikki has been an invaluable source of support in helping me to deal with all areas of my life, from work issues to personal relationships. Her method is holistic, supportive and deeply understanding and the essences are a superb back up to everything.' Dan, Journalist

Additional Skills and Interests

I love to sing and dance and can often be found doing both at once in the Brighton Gospel Choir. I also celebrate life in many dance classes around Sussex including 5 rhythms, Jive and Boogie Woogie. In quieter moments yoga, Qigong and walking across the glorious Sussex countryside are my favourite ways to switch from transmit to receive.

I've lived for long periods in several European countries and speak Italian, French and German. I've also worked as a voiceover artist and am an independent distributor of living, energised water systems and other wellness products which have supported my own journey back to physical health - mainly due to the reduction in environmental stress which they facilitate.

Preferred Media and Modes of Delivery

I enjoy radio work and have been interviewed by several Radio Shows including Radio Europe, Spirit Quest Radio and Radio Reverb. You can listen to extracts here. I also enjoy writing and have several articles published on the Transformation Game, Flower Essences and Personal Growth covering themes from Life Purpose and Heartbreak to Addiction and Co-Dependency. I also write once a month for Soul & Spirit magazine. I offer talks and workshops to interested groups; whether that's a group of friends, colleagues or a special interest group who would like to develop a deeper understanding of essences and to personally experience their power.

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'Come to the edge, he said.
They said: We are afraid.
Come to the edge, he said.
They came.
He pushed them....and they flew.'
Christopher Logue

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