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The Karma Coach - Coaching Sessions
'Express your essence'

as featured in Soul and Spirit Magazine

How I Can Help

Sessions are designed to support deep transformation, whether at an emotional, mental, physical or spiritual level. The flower and crystal remedies together with Gaia Healing promote powerful rebalancing at all these levels and can effect a profound change, particularly when worked through with awareness and the support of a trained and experienced complementary health practitioner. I've worked with clients to:

  • support major career changes
  • find more fulfilment in relationships
  • clarify life purpose and explore a new approach to life
  • release karmic burdens and family conditioning
  • awaken the ability to receive higher spiritual wisdom
  • bring back joy and creativity

    Read clients' comments on Karma Coaching

    'I truly believe you are a 'Healer's Healer' and a great support system for those willing to look beyond their own perception.' B.P. Counsellor and Healer

A Typical Session

Sessions are only by phone; healing can be sent any distance. Clients are worldwide including Australia and the USA. With economical call rates available, location is unlimited.

Before the Session

If you're new to my work it's usually best to have up to a 15 minute conversation before booking an appointment so that we know that our expectations are in alignment, that we're a suitable fit and to give you an opportunity to ask any preliminary questions. As coaching is very useful to support and clarify issues that emerge from personal energy attunements I suggest that, if you are thinking of booking some sessions, that you start with a personal attunement This will open you up and clarify the issues you need to work with. Please note that essences do not form part of the coaching packages and need to be ordered separately.

It can also be more impactful to have an attunement before I know anything about you or your situation; that way you can be sure that the information that you get is entirely channelled. Please order an attunement at least two weeks before a session to give sufficient time for it to be processed and take effect before we speak.

There are limited slots available and I'm often fully booked quite a long way ahead. If I cannot offer you a coaching slot I will always suggest other options to get you moving. Sessions can be organised between 9.30am-6pm on: +44 (0)1273 77 33 24 on Mondays - Fridays (except Thursdays). If you're in full-time work and weekday lunch hours are not possible, there is sometimes flexibility on a Saturday. Email: info@spiritoftransformation.com to fix a time.

During the Session

The first session lasts an hour and a half as it includes taking a personal history. Follow up sessions last an hour and healing begins on the inner planes as soon as we connect. Please note that essences do not form part of the coaching packages and need to be ordered separately.

'Really great speaking to you yesterday, I feel so much clearer. Thank you. You have a truly wonderful gift.' Caroline, Management Consultant, Perth, Western Australia

Coaching Guidelines

You can download coaching guidelines before your first session which answer common questions regarding payment options, cancellation policy etc.

Click to read more about how you can use the essences

Gaia Healing

How does Gaia Energy work?

I'm a qualified Gaia Energy Healer which means I've experienced an initation to open the chakras and become a pure channel for the highest healing energies. These frequencies then come through me to transmit healing to myself and others. The energy is usually experienced as a warm glow or a tingling sensation. During healing I may also be given karmic information which would be helpful for you to know.

'I think that the attunements and individual sessions are a really beneficial combination, as each time I meet up with you, it helps me to reflect on the past month and to focus on the areas where I have been able to release old patterns or develop in a way that is more in tune with my Self.' Julie, Yoga Teacher, Lewes

How does healing combine with essences?

Gaia healing can be very effectively combined with flower and crystal essences. It speeds up the effects of the essences in moving blocks, memories and understandings from the unconscious to the conscious mind.

'After seeing you I got up on Tuesday feeling much more positive and determined to face the challenges in my life.' Gordon, Life Coach, Brighton

Coaching - Cost and Payment Methods

You can pay for coaching online below by credit or debit card or ask to be emailed an invoice payable by cheque or bank transfer. Essences are optional and the cost is not included in a coaching session.

'I noticed a profound change. You really did unlock something.' Mel, Marine Conservationist, Northern Ireland

Times and Availability

Sessions normally start at 9.30am and finish by 6pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday

'Thank you so much for everything, you have been incredibly influential in my healing and a 'spiritual transformation' is truly what it is.' Kathryn, Sales Manager, Lewes

Booking Sessions

To discuss things further or to book a session please email: info@spiritoftransformation.com and give a number where you can be reached. Consultations aren't confirmed without an initial conversation.

If you're ready to commit to long-term change you'll probably need more than one session in which case a karma starter package is the best option. You're welcome to book an initial single session and then deduct that cost from a package if you decide you'd like to extend it to a series of sessions after that. You can use the buttons below to pay by card or paypal. If you don't wish to pay online just email for an invoice payable by bank transfer or cheque. Please note that essences do not form part of the coaching packages and need to be ordered separately.

November 2018 Coaching Offer

If you're thinking of coaching it's always a good idea to have a standard attunement first, as that gives a clear picture of immediate priorities. If you book a coaching session or package before November 30 you can use this mid October newsletter link to order up to three standard attunements with a 20% discount. You can adjust quantities on the Paypal page. This offer applies to both current and new coaching clients.

Starter Session (1.5 hours)
£80 approx 89 Euros or 103 USD

Please only order this if it's your first coaching session with me - or the first after a break of 2 years or more - as it includes time for the taking of a case history.

Karma Coaching Packages:

A discounted starter package ensures that you get enough support and follow up to see real change - steps which can be repeated as often as necessary, as each layer comes up for healing. Packages must be completed within six months from the date of booking. Use the 'Add to Cart' buttons below to pay by card or email for an invoice payable by bank transfer or cheque. A Starter Package includes a 1.5 hr initial session.

Standard Starter Package: 3 x Phone Sessions (3.5 hours)
£195 approx 218 Euros or 252 USD

De Luxe Starter Package: 4 x Phone Sessions (4.5 hours)
£230 approx 257 Euros or 297 USD

Follow Up Sessions

If you're an existing client or you've already had an initial session, this follow up package below offers continued support with a discount of around 27% on the normal hourly rate.

Follow Up Package: 3 x Phone Sessions (3 hours)
£160 approx €179 or 207 USD

Single One-Off Follow Up Session (1 hour)
£65 approx 73 Euros or 84 USD

Personal Attunements - Essence Readings

Whilst coaching can be powerful stand alone sessions, they are particularly effective used alongside personal essence attunements. As part of my vibrational medicine training I'm able to attune for flower and crystal essences most appropriate for your growth and healing. This means that I ask for and receive spiritual guidance on the essence blend which would support you best at the moment on every level: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

'A day before the essence attunement arrived I felt my great grandad around, so this is definitely the start of my ancestral healing - things are surfacing already.' Jayne, Clairvoyant and Healer, West Yorkshire

'Oh my goodness, are you bang on the money or what?! I actually cried reading your attunement'. Liane, Actor, London

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'The heart has reasons that reason does not understand.' Jacques Benigne Bossuel