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Personal Distance Attunements
Frequently Asked Questions

What details are needed for an attunement?

mapApart from your name (and gender if it isn't obvious from your name), you just need to give your approximate age and town and country where you're located. These act as co-ordinates, like a spiritual Sat Nav, so I can lock into your energy.

I'm not casting an astrological chart - your age and gender is simply so that any suggestions I may make are age-appropriate. For example if a birth essence comes through and you're a man or perhaps a woman in your 60s it's more likely to refer to birthing an aspect of your personality, a new project or a creative gift.

'These essences really are helping, thanks so much, it really feels like support. Lisetta, Administrator, Gloucestershire

Do I need to explain my problem?

lotusWe all like to feel seen and heard and this fulfils a particular need. There are some fantastic therapists who's role is to listen and offer suggestions and insights. However, my particular soul gift is to demonstrate to you that, even if you don't feel seen and heard by people around you, spiritual support, understanding and wisdom is ALWAYS there for you - the universe is watching and listening to you 24/7. I'd like to reassure you of that, which is why I will not prescribe essences (apart from Bach flower remedies) based on an explanation of an issue.

However wise we are, we can only see a situation from our current perspective (this goes for all of us) and, as Einstein famously said: 'No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.' So when I attune for you I go into a different level of awareness and allow intelligence to come through that can see a much bigger picture than either of us. This is not an intellectual or analytical process so any knowledge I have of you and your situation is put to one side. Spirit/Source/Nature/the Field requires no explanation - everything is already known.

So if you already know that you'd like an attunement it's unnecessary for you to explain anything and it may even be better if you don't. If you'd like advice outside an attunement. i.e. You're wondering if an attunement is the most effective next step or if there are other resources that might be more appropriate, you can book a 40 minute phone guidance session. There are also FAQ pages which may answer your query straight away.

Please also bear in mind that a standard attunement only includes essence descriptions but a de luxe attunement will include specific advice and suggestions.

Are there any geographical restrictions?

None at all. Attunements can be posted to you anywhere in the world and healing energy knows no boundaries. I have clients in Australia, America and all over Europe. If you have a postage service in your country, it can be delivered! If not, or if you prefer not to wait for the post, you can order a transmission attunement so that you receive it as an energy transmission.

'When I was expecting my essences to arrive I felt a sense of support, empowerment and protection. I felt that strong positive forces were with me already working on the issues that corresponded to each essence!' Evi, Artist and Holistic Therapist, Cyprus

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Which is better - essences in bottles or those which are transmitted energetically?

One way is not better than the other and it can be nice to have the concrete feel of a bottle, especially on busy or emotionally fraught days when tuning in to subtle changes in your energy field is difficult. The upside of transmissions is that they're more environmentally friendly as well as avoiding postage and packaging costs making it more economical. They're also handy if you need to avoid alcohol.

Can I order an attunement on behalf of someone else?

That's fine as long as you ask their permission. I do not attune to someone's energy field without their consent. Be aware that essence descriptions are truthful in their feedback so the person needs to be willing to hear it and open to receiving the energy. Please skip down to read ordering an attunement on behalf of someone else before ordering.

Why do attunements start working even before I take the essences?

Strange but true. When I attune to what is needed for your re-balancing and growth, the vibration of those essences is downloaded into your energy field where it begins to have an effect. Then you receive the written description which helps to bring your mental body into alignment via the intellect - which is why I suggest reading the description regularly as a reinforcement. Then, if you choose to, you can take the physical essence which is a constant vibrational prompt to your energy field to initiate the necessary changes.

'I swear I'm already experiencing the effects of the attunement essences and they haven't even arrived yet!' Jake, Student, Wales

'A day before the essence attunement arrived I felt my great grandad around, so this is definitely the start of my ancestral healing - things are surfacing already.' Jayne, Reiki Healer, West Yorkshire

Do you only use specific essence ranges?

No, attunements are unlimited in scope. Spirit shows me whatever is resonating for your rebalancing and growth right now, wherever that is in the world. It may include flower or crystal essences but could also include a bird, butterfly or animal essence. There a many thousands of possible essences and sometimes it can involve a lot of research, if a new one comes through for you. This means that I have to keep a large and ever-expanding store. In some attunements additional Bach Flowers may be indicated but usually it is six to eight essences which work at a cellular, karmic level. You can see a sample of these on the Essence Directory.

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Can I ask for the attunement to address a specific issue such as relationship, physical problems or abundance?

The intention which guides attunements is always to ask for what is for your highest good in your current situation. Although what is most occupying your thoughts may not be directly addressed in the attunement (though often it is) this can be because the attunement addresses the cause not the problem. So you may be struggling with financial flow and find your attunement deals with shame or self worth issues which are preventing you from feeling deserving to receive. On the other hand you may be suffering physically and find your attunement deals with mental rigidity and a need to forgive yourself and others, if this is the issue underlying your physical condition. So the short answer is no! Over the years I have learned to trust in a much greater wisdom than ours; one who sees the learning not the lesson.

'The second attunement was so dead on I just had to share it with a very close friend. Knowing me and my present situation well, he was also stunned by its accuracy. I'm ready for the next attunement now. The last one worked really well - thank you for providing this service!' Bereji, Trainee solicitor, Germany

Does an attunement predict the future?

The attunement is in no way predictive. I believe that the future is created by choices made in the present moment. So although we can see likely future outcomes based on past and current behaviour, we can also change our behaviour at any time - which is what the essences work with. Essences create a path of personal responsibility, creativity and personal empowerment. They also represent the most powerful vibrational healing modality available to us at the present time.

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Will an attunement interfere with other therapies that I do?

Quite the reverse. Whether you sing or dance for emotional release, are in psychotherapy or having regular healing, essences will make those experiences far more effective. Essences attuned for you will draw your most urgent issues to the surface where any emotional, physical or spiritual work will support their release.

I've felt very drawn to a particular crystal, animal or flower, should I mention it?

If you've seen a flower, crystal, animal or bird in a newsletter, on the website or in nature which strongly draws you, please mention it when ordering. This can be the Universe's way of encouraging you to use essences to heal and grow.

How long will the essences take to arrive?

If it's a standard attunement whether it's a physical bottle or a transmission, most orders are processed within 5 working days. If it's a de luxe attunement it will be processd within 10 working days. You'll be emailed when your order has been transmitted or dispatched. You'll always be emailed if there is likely to be a delay. Once posted, packages generally take 3 - 5 working days in the UK and up to two weeks overseas. They are posted as first class packages to UK addresses and airmail overseas. Orders are not sent registered post, so they are not trackable. If you'd like them to be tracked by registered UK post or via courier overseas please email to find out the extra cost.

'Thank you so much for being so quick off the mark with this. Having read my attunement you're bang on the money - the essences are perfect for me. I feel I've been in an emotional coma the past few days and can feel your good work working right now - and I haven't received the essences yet!' Liane, Actor, London

Two weeks later Liane wrote again: Some very interesting and wonderful changes happening to me with your essence! Read the full story here

'Your attunement is amazingly accurate. I've read it through a few times and it's exactly where I am. I feel that your blend will help me enormously.' Mel, Homeopath, London

How Often Can I Order an Attunement?

To take full advantage of an attunement needs two to three months depending how deeply you work with it. Each attunement is very in depth and will help you to shift your vibration at a cellular level. It's therefore wise to give time to allow the effect to be fully felt and to establish new patterns of responses. In the De Luxe versions there are also practical suggestions of ways that you can support the themes which have been highlighted, such as books to read, activities to pursue or techniques to learn. If you were to have another attunement before two or three months had passed you would likely see a lot of repetition. So give yourself that time to really work with the essence frequencies and themes. If it's a de luxe version you'll also want to work with your power animal and your angelic helper and act on the advice. By then you will hopefully have moved in a new vibration and be ready to for another stage of growth.

I've finished my attunement blend. Can I order a repeat of the same blend?

Sometimes you may feel so good taking a blend that you think you'd like a repeat of the same blend to maintain that feeling. You may find that an attunement has enabled you to change some things but that other patterns it identified are still persisting, so you think you need more of the same. However, each attunement is fresh and rarely contains elements from a previous one - occasionally one essence in the attunement blend may repeat. Even if an emotion or issue is persisting, the vibrational nature of it has been changed by the previous attunement and you'll usually find different essences are needed. Of course, if you break the bottle or lose it within three weeks of starting it, you can always order a replacement of the same blend.

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Ordering attunements on behalf of others

Please note that an attunement is a confidential document which can deal with very personal matters. As well as needing the person's permission to attune, I will only send the attunement descripion directly to the person concerned. So, if possible, please include their postal and personal email address. If they are not on email, I will include the attunement as a hard copy posted directly to them, with their blend. Remember that however loving our intentions are, each of us is on our own soul path and we can only accept what we're willing to receive. The only person we can change is ourselves and our reaction to a situation or person. Often what we wish for others is a reflection of what we need for ourselves.

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'The attunement description is fascinating, and really does seem to relate to me at the present time – you're right that I'm low in spirits at the moment and that’s exactly how I would describe it myself. Interestingly, I'm beginning to feel better emotionally already – and I recognised this yesterday when you did the attunement, even though I haven't received the essences yet. I'm also experiencing the huge life changes which you described and which are long overdue. I feel this attunement will help me during this time'. Julie, Early Years Teacher, Berkshire

'The last attunement definitely hit the nail on the head and I experienced most of the things you said would happen, such as a painful jaw and bringing up un-shed tears (I don't think I've ever cried so much!) But am feeling much better for it, thank you.' Jake, Student, Cardiff, Wales

'You were spot on with all the essences in my attunement!' Farida, NFSH Healer, Brighton

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'When you live and act in accordance with the truths of your soul, your body flourishes.' Denise Linn

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