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Environment and Wellbeing

A plant will find it easier to flourish in a well tended garden than at the side of a busy motorway. If your work and living space is polluted with electrosmog and the air you breathe and water you drink is full of contaminants, then your physical body will have difficulty sustaining a high vibration. To maintain optimum health and slow the ageing process, your physical body needs a pure, nourishing environment with deep rejuvenating sleep and plenty of contact with Nature's healing energies. The more energy you need to expend processing stress, in the form of physical and emotional toxicity, the less you have available for healing, rejuvenation and growth.

Light and Personal Growth

Enlightenment and illumination are usually considered to be mental and spiritual concepts but there is a physical reality to them as well. Light is at the heart of vitality and personal growth. Whenever we align with our true purpose we quite literally light up. I remember a friend explaining how she'd finally realised her lifelong dream of founding a training college for nutritionists. The light aura around her expanded until it filled the room - she was totally aligned with her vision and totally mesmerising. We all have this light, like 'Readybrek' kids, and we can increase it by the quality of food we eat, the water we drink, the environment we live in and the thoughts we think.

As the planet continues its own cleansing path we need to bring in as much light as possible to our individual consciousness. That means light-filled water, food and activity. Our daily life, thoughts and relationships need to be authentic, because when we're aligned with who we truly are we bring in more light and radiate that to others. The more we can remove pollution from our environment the easier it is to increase our light. Pollution can be visible, such as airborne particles, water contaminants or food additives as well as invisible, such as harmful electromagnetic fields and the mental and emotional pollution of negative thought patterns and destructive feelings.

Check for symptoms of Environmental stress

Ways to Reduce Pollution - Water

The most comprehensive and highest quality technologies I've found to reduce environmental pollution both at home and at work are made by Nikken which was founded in Japan. In the East they understood long before the West that environment plays a vital role in our wellbeing.

The most important shift I made when I discovered the Nikken technologies was to change the quality of 75%-90% of my body's energy overnight - everything from my bloodstream to my brain to my reaction times and my memory were boosted to a new level of efficiency and energy. How did I do that? By changing the water which I drank to Pi Mag™ water, the kind of water that Nature would provide - pure, magnetically charged, ph balanced, full of trace minerals and oxygen. We can also make a huge difference to our levels of inner pollution by drinking and bathing in magnetically charged energised water. Read more about the Pi Mag Shower and water systems.

'Water will prove the criterion, the measure of all things. Every day that passes, water seethes with more and more contamination. And the air becomes more difficult to breathe' Anastasia - From The Space of Love Book 3 The Ringing Cedar Series

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Increasing Your Ability to Anchor Light

Many of today's chronic health problems are actually symptoms of magnetic field deficiency. Our modern lifestyles can disconnect us from the Earth's stabilising magnetic field. This field is deficient in environments with a lot of metal such as cars, planes and modern buildings, as well as atmospheres full of electrosmog. Suggestions to increase your exposure to healthy magnetic field include taking regular breaks in nature, particularly woodland. You can also put magnetic insoles in your shoes and sleep on a magnetic mattress pad.

We're magnetic beings so all magnetic products affect us. It's important therefore to use well-researched reputable products to avoid harmful long-term effects. Unique high quality patented options are made by Nikken which ensure complete coverage incorporated in their DynaFlux™ Magnetic Technology. Stay earthed, stay grounded, as nature intended.

Watch a short video about Nikken's magnetic breakthrough and how they're incorporated it into easily usable products

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'The healer must achieve magnetic purity through purity of life. he must attain that dispelling radiance which shows itself in every man when he has linked the centres in the head. When this magentic field is established, the radiation too goes forth.' Esoteric Healing, Alice Bailey

Sleep Deeply on a Unique Sleep System

The Nikken sleep system, which consists of a duvet, pillow and mattress pad, gives you such a sense of protection that you're able to deeply relax, cocooned in technologies which keep you earthed and grounded, give you a constant gentle massage and support the detoxing function of sleep. Deep sleep is essential to look good and feel good. It gives us emotional balance because deep REM sleep is when we process emotional experiences, so missing out on this part of the sleep cycle can have serious consequences for our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

When I got a Nikken sleep system I used to say that I wasn't a 'morning person' and I needed coffee to get going. Now I need less sleep. I wake much more present, engaged and ready to get the most out of my day. I have even given up coffee for long periods- something I thought I'd never be able to do!

and in the USA there's a pet pad too, so furry members of the family aren't left out:)

Read more experiences with the sleep system

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How Anti-depressants affect sleep

Many anti-depressants work by suppressing REM sleep. However we cannot skip the emotional processing, so it simply returns in an unpleasant backlog to be processed when we come off the drugs - a phenomenon we call 'withdrawal symptoms'. This is very well explained in Patrick Holford's book 'How to Quit without feeling S**t'.

How to protect yourself when you're asleep

Sleep is also when we tap into our unconscious and and can gain a deep spiritual connection most easily. We're at our most vulnerable when asleep, so it's important that there's as little electrical interference as possible to disrupt our energy field. This means minimal electrical equipment in the bedroom, no computer or TVs and definitely no mobile phones used as alarms next to our heads or dect/digital phone base units which perform regular electronic scans day and night.

The Importance of Grounding and Earthing for Sleep and Wellbeing

You've no doubt noticed how much better you sleep when you've spent time outside. If you're a parent you'll also know the importance of children being able 'let off steam' outdoors (for your sanity and theirs). Even a ten minute stroll outdoors can lift our spirits. Why is that? Simply put, being outdoors allows our energy - including our emotions - to ground and balance in the earth, as nature intended.

We live in a world with an increasingly positive charge. That may sound a good thing - but it isn't. In places where there's a build up of positive ions, such as around computers, in traffic or polluted areas, we start to feel irritable, it's hard to focus and we get headaches and other symptoms of chronic stress. As we go through our day a build up of positive ions and electrosmog can cause us to become increasingly depleted in Earth's healthy magnetic energy. Consequences can include tight muscles, sluggish energy flow, tension and irritability.

Places rich in negative ions on the other hand, such as the seaside or pine forests allow us to relax - our spirits are uplifted and we feel refreshed. As we spend more time in wireless environments and less time in nature, the results of this imbalance can erode our enjoyment of life, including the quality of our sleep, and we may develop chronic symptoms that we're told we just 'have to live with'.

One way to combat this problem is to use a grounding mat. Nikken's lightweight, portable grounding mat which:

  • neutralises positive charges
  • connects you with the negative charge of the Earth
  • protects you from unhealthy electromagnetic fields

Just plug the mat into any earthed socket and put your bare skin on any part of the mat - now you too are earthed. You don't need to trun the socket on - you're not using power, you're groudning it. It's particularly helpful to put the mat across your bed and rest your feet on it at night, when we're especially vulnerable to unhealthy electromagnetic fields but you can also rest your feet or hand on it when using a device.

Watch a short video about Nikken's grounding mat

The Role of Dreaming

Read about the importance of sleep and especially the role of dreaming in this excellent article from mercola.com.

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High Grade Nutritionals and Skincare

Another obvious way to reduce pollution is to be careful of what we eat; to eat organically as well as locally and as in season as possible. Unfortunately intensive farming means that the soil is not always able to give us the range of nutrients it once could. Supplements can ensure that we get what we need but there are pharmaceutical grade nutritionals and food grade nutritionals which are made to different standards. This makes a big difference both to what the supplements actually contain, such as permitted 'fillers', as well as whether the supplement is in a form that your body can absorb. Some supplements pretty much go straight through you. The same is true of skin care. Creams, shower gels and moisturisers are absorbed through your body's largest organ - your skin - so choose pure natural ingredients such as the Nikken True Element marine skin care range.

Personally I would always check suitability of nutritionals or skin care products with a kinesiologist. Many kinesiologists carry samples of different brands which they can test on you and some companies will send you samples for testing. I love the range of Nikken pharmaceutical grade organic nutritionals, especially their alkalising Barleygrass and Super Ciaga nutritional drink. They also have some unique supplements for bone health.

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How to Order Nikken Products - UK

To order any Nikken products for delivery in the UK and to see current prices (which are not in the brochure) click for the Nikken UK website

To start shopping, click Products.

If you're looking for a reduced item or a product that's on offer, please go to the Special Offer section to get the offer price.

If you're looking for water or air filters please go to the Accessories & Replacement Parts section.

If you're looking for Insoles, a Magduo or other magnetic products, they're in the Rest and Relaxation section.

Website problems? You can call the UK & Europe Nikken office on +44 1908 202422. Mon-Fri 8.30 - 5pm.

You can browse the online UK & Europe brochure here - also available in other European languages.

How to Order Nikken Products - Outside the UK

If you live outside the UK but not in the USA - please see below for the USA and Canada - please use this international website link to order. It accepts most cards except American Express.

  • If it's your first order, you'll be asked to register at checkout

  • Please quote my name: Nikki Wyatt and ID number 18619901 on the online order form

  • Please also check the box to receive special offers from your Nikken consultant as this also gives me permission to assist you

For orders in the USA or Canada you can order online from my cousin Vanessa Francis in the USA or email her or call using her Nikken Contact Details alternatively, please email me for a US order form.

N.B. Offers may vary between countries. Some products available in Europe may not be available in the USA but generally speaking, Nikken USA offers a wider range.

Viewing and Testing Nikken Products

If you'd like to see the water systems, sleep systems or other products just drop me an email with your location. I have contacts all over the UK and in the USA who'd be happy to show you them including London, Jersey, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Sussex, Surrey, Devon, New York and Philadelphia.

Nikken Offers

From time to time there are offers on the Nikken products. You'll see regular offers in our free newsletter as well as on this Nikken Offer page of the website.

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