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Rainbow Lightbody Essences
Created by Shimara Kumara at Golden Ray

These channelled essences are some of the most powerful I have used and it is best not take more than one dose of one essence per day. They both clear and awaken your light body.

They are very high frequency and were potentised using methods once common in Lemuria and Atlantis, including stargates, leylines, and grid layouts of special crystals which were programmed with light body information by the Sirians 16,000 years ago at the fall of Atlantis. Energy rays were then channelled from Ascended Masters for each of the different essences to complete the process.

N.B. I have found that people who work regularly with energy such as healers, therapists, mediums and artists are particularly responsive to this range. The products below are offered in association with Crystal Herbs

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How to Order

Order a Set of Lightbody Essences

Lightbody Essences

The Lightbody Essence Range

Causal Body
Green and Orange Light The Causal Body vibrates at one of the highest frequencies of all our subtle bodies and holds the ‘blueprint’ for our life-plan on the higher levels. It also contains any previous incarnational energies or qualities needed to help, guide or be worked on in a particular lifetime. The Causal Body Essence helps to align and integrate all the other subtle bodies, bringing forward more spiritual and personality growth through the activation of this portal to higher consciousness. It will help with development of psychic awareness, clairvoyance, telepathy and possible memories of previous incarnations. This essence will promote feelings of peace, stability and inner security, thus helping us to move forward into a higher vibrational frequency. Attuned to Helios and Vesta. Bottles are available in 15 ml sizes. Click to order from Crystal Herbs

Crystalline Ray
This essence will help to awaken the soul's memories of the Crystalline light body and bring them more into consciousness. Attuned to the Hathors. Bottles are available in 15 ml sizes. Click to order from Crystal Herbs

Earth Star
This alignment is about 9" below the feet in a direct line with the Base Chakra and the Hara. When the Earth Star is activated it brings alignment to Mother Earth, grounding more focused energy and attunement to earth's magnetic grid. The more grounded that we become the higher we can attune to our Higher Self, Ascended Masters, Heaven and the stars - as above, so below! Attuned to Thoth. Bottles are available in 15 ml sizes. Click to order from Crystal Herbs

Emotional Body
For fast clearance of emotional patterns. The emotional body is the most difficult to clear and balance of all the subtle bodies. E-motions are energy in motion, the energy created by our thoughts. Each time we think, we create. Our emotional responses to others, life and situations are 'learned' as a way of dealing with the negative thought patterns behind the energy. This energy builds up and eventually becomes 'stuck' energy blocking chakras and the subtle systems. Attuned to Archangel Gabriel. Bottles are available in 15 ml sizes. Click to order from Crystal Herbs

Etheric Body
The blueprint for the physical body, therefore the clearer it becomes, the healthier the 3D. Energies filter through from other subtle bodies to affect this level, as do shock, trauma, drugs etc., with the effect that eventually holes and weak points appear in the aura. When these reach the etheric level and stabilise there, physical illness ensues. Attuned to Saint Germain. Bottles are available in 15 ml sizes. Click to order from Crystal Herbs

The hara is a subtle energy centre just below the navel (not the sacral chakra!). This centre, when fully activated, brings through Divine Will in action and a true sense of purpose as well as feelings of fulfilment. We can not complete our Divine missions on the earth plane with this centre weak or inoperative. At a 3D level it is connected to the spleen and gives contentment with being 'centred in' and feeling (often for the first time!) the energy of the physical body. Attuned to El Morya. Bottles are available in 15 ml sizes. Click to order from Crystal Herbs

I Am Presence
This essence helps to bring a more conscious connection to our I AM Presence, or Higher Self, opening the way for us to learn to hear, feel, see or know our own inner guidance and wisdom in a more profound way. Our soul is then more able to guide us to make choices that are for our Highest Divine Good thus bringing us more peace and joy. This essence will also help to promote deeper, more powerfully profound meditation experiences, making it easier for us to slip into that deep space where we become One with Mother-Father God and all Creation. Attuned to Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus Kumara. Bottles are available in 15 ml sizes.
Click to order from Crystal Herbs

This essence helps to integrate and balance left/right brain activities. This is connected to our masculine/ feminine energies which also need balancing. While most of us over-emphasise one polarity, our right brain (feminine, intuitive etc.) needs to be functioning as an equal with our left brain (masculine, logical etc.). This balance will stimulate the pituitary/pineal glands and thus the whole endocrine system and physical body. Attuned to Lao Tzu. Bottles are available in 15 ml sizes.
Click to order from Crystal Herbs

Mental Body
Man Meditating at DawnFor clearing the negative thought patterns and core beliefs which are held in the lower mental body. Affirmations take a long time to transform thoughts. This essence speeds up the process, allowing more access to spiritual thought and ideas from the higher mental body. Attuned to Hilarion. Bottles are available in 15 ml sizes. Click to order from Crystal Herbs

This essence is usually the last to be taken in the individual's rainbow light essence process, as all other aspects need to be worked on first to enable this essence to activate and re-awaken the light body (or Mer-Ka-Ba) process. The Mer-Ka-Ba is the spiritualised auric field merging with the higher self, bringing the ability to dematerialise or teleport the physical body. This is the process used by advanced beings, Ascended Masters etc. and can only be activated by a fully open heart chakra. Attuned to Archangel Metatron. Bottles are available in 15 ml sizes. Click to order from Crystal Herbs

Soul Star
This alignment point is above the higher chakras over the crown. When open and fully functioning it is aligned with the soul, all 'higher' energies, the stars and universe. Therefore more soul energy, guidance and healing can come through to the mind and body. Often good to take this essence just before going to bed as it activates dream recall and conscious remembrance or contact with spirits or guides while sleeping. Attuned to Lady Nada. Bottles are available in 15 ml sizes.
Click to order from Crystal Herbs

Thymus Energy Point
This essence helps to activate the Thymus gland which in most adults has become atrophied since childhood. The ancient spiritually attuned civilisations all had this gland fully functioning as they all recognise its true purpose as the 'Higher Heart' centre or chakra point. From here comes Divine Love for all sentient beings and full compassionate energy. It also gives us physical energy as it helps to activate the thyroid and immune system on a 3D level and stimulates the pituitary gland. Attuned to Sananda. Bottles are available in 15 ml sizes. Click to order from Crystal Herbs

How to Order

Click the link next to the essence to reach the Crystal Herbs webpage.

N.B. Alcohol: Essences are preserved in a small amount of vodka and can be taken in water or under the tongue.

Order a Set of Lightbody Essences

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Personal Remedy Blends

Individual remedies can be mixed into a blend for you. If you'd like a personal remedy blend, Nikki can attune one for you. This is an intuitive reading where she asks for Higher Guidance as to which remedies are most appropriate for your growth and healing right now - you receive a full description of the results together with the blend.

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