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Essence Transmissions

My early training involved working closely with Ascended Master Kuthumi and the White Brotherhood. At that time I began to experiment with sending energy to others who are used to channeling and discovered that I could send the vibrational signature of a flower or crystal directly to someone who was open to receive it and they experienced the same benefits as if they'd taken the physical essence. Kuthumi (who is my constant companion with my essence work) told me that this was the way of the future; that once upon a time we didn't need essence bottles, postal services or computers, we simply transmitted vibrational frequencies to each other. He said that now we were beginning to wake up at a cellular level and remember this and it would soon become a common way to receive energy.

I was guided to offer essence transmissions for a long time before I actually did so, as I wasn't sure customers would be open to receiving them that way. Then, as if my guides wanted to reassure me, my inbox began to fill up with emails from essence customers who were feeling the effects well before receiving the bottle and I realsied that far more people were 'awake' out there than I'd realised! So now I also offer you the second option of receiving your essences as essence transmissions rather than in physical bottles.

'I would recommend this method of essence transmission to anyone.' Jenny, Health and Regeneration Consultant, Wales,

How do you send essence transmissions ?

Firstly I settle into a quiet, meditative space and allow Kuthumi's energy to merge with mine. Then I focus on the name and rough location of the person who has ordered the essence. There is a sort of whirring sensation and if I were a Sat Nav I'd describe it as amoment when 'finding satellites' is coming up on my inner screen:) Once I sense a connection with the person I begin to focus on each element of the blend in turn, so that I'm acting as a bridge between the vibration of the crystal, flower, bird or animal and you. It's rather like directing a frequency towards you. Sometimes the frequency feels particularly strong, as if you're watering a plant and the soil is so dry you have to give it extra and if that happens then I make a note in the onfirmation email, as it's an indication that this frequency is especially beneficial to you at this time and I'd encourage you to focus on it. If you happen to be in a quiet space whilst I'm transmitting you may actually feel it downloading into your energy field. If not, you may become aware of it later, perhaps at a time when you're able to bring your attention to your emotions or your physical body or to the inner planes during meditation.

How will I know when it's been transmitted?

You will be emailed when your essence blend has been transmitted. As essence transmissions require time and focus on you individually, you may - ironically- receive a bottle faster than an essence transmission .

Do I get anything else?

Yes, as I go through each element in the blend you have chosen certain flowers, crystals, birds or animals may stand out as particularly resonant for you. This will be commente on in the email that you receive so that you can pay particular attention to that aspect of the blend in the coming weeks.

What changes can I expect?

For some people it's very subtle and for others it can feel quite sudden. It depends where you are in the growth cycle of that issue. For example, if it's close to the surface the essence may bring it to a head and a turning point may become very obvious. On the other hand, if it's a deep karmic issue that's only beginning to make itself felt, you may notice subtle changes such as clearer inner guidance, more intense emotions, more vivid dreams, inner promptings, significant conversations, important personal insights or synchronistic meetings.

Wow this virtual blend you transmitted is POWERFUL stuff - I'm loving it!' Ama, Poet, Somerset

Which should I choose - a bottle or an essence transmission?

One way is not better than the other and it can be nice to have the concrete feel of a bottle, especially on busy or emotionally fraught days when tuning in to subtle changes in your energy field is difficult. Physically taking the essence can also act as a reminder at a conscious level of the issues that you want to transform. The advantage of transmissions is that you get feedback on the essence's resonance for you (see below) and this method uses less physical resources, making it more environmentally friendly. It's also handy if you need to avoid alcohol. The effect of a transmission is generally felt for about three to four weeks, so it lasts about the same time as a bottle.

What information do you need so that you can transmit an essence to me?

The information required is simply the name of the person wanting the essence and their geographical location. So if the essence is for you and you're paying online, no further information is necessary, unless you need the essence confirmation and feedback sent to a different email address.

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How soon will I get my transmission ?

Orders for this service will be processsed within five working days of receipt. You'll be contacted once it has been transmitted. If you've ordered an essence transmission on behalf of someone else they will be emailed the feedback and you will be emailed simply to confirm that the order has been fulfilled.

Can I ask for an essence transmission for someone else?

Yes, provided that you have their permission and can supply their email address, as the confirmation and feedback will be sent directly to them. You can ask for children - simply mention their name and age.

Which essences on your website can be sent as essence transmissions?

All essences that have been created by Spirit of Transformation, so that does not include essences that we carry from Crystal Herbs or Golden Ray

'Just reading the description of the essence before deciding to buy it I felt an energetic shift, which was lovely. I then felt another shift as I was walking in Stanmer Park this afternoon, and wondered if you'd just transmitted the essence, and there was your email sent 3 minutes previously - so I'm very pleased that it's working already!' Julie, Life Coach, Brighton, Sussex

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'We're all just walking each other home.' Ram Dass

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